Somewhere during the rule of Queen Victoria in London, England of 1870...
Hello... my name is Elizabeth March, but you can call me Beth. I am the third eldest of my four other sisters - the first eldest is Margaret, or Meg-unni as I call her. She works as a German professor at St. Francis Academy, a prestigious academy that we all attend. Soothing and kind, Meg-unni is usually the one to solve disputes amongst us. Second eldest is Josephine (Jo-unni). She likes to dress up as a male, and is extremely popular amongst the girls; she's quite playful. Jo-unni has a title as captain of the fencing club. Me... I'm really not that important. The only thing that stands out about me is that I have absolutely no talent... even my youngest sister, Amy outshines me. Amy is an extremely talented artist, whom I usually have arguments with. I'm inferior to the rest of my family - you see, my trade merchant mother and father constantly travel from England to India. Overtime, we eventually became an extremely wealthy family. The only reason why I was even accepted into St. Francis in the first place was because my parents donated 1500 pounds. Everything is such a bother, really. I may be talentless, but I am good at... washing the dishes. The only person I am even comfortable with being around is Lauri(Laurence), my childhood friend. He is talented in magic tricks and is a great help to me... and the only person who understands even a little bit about me.
"Everyone has a value in their existence? then I wonder what my value is amongst my extraordinary sisters. Just like the ugly duckling among swans, I don't fit in."
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Kyoya 0tori

Report | 03/30/2010 8:06 am

Kyoya 0tori

I'm glad then, you've been so busy lately we barely see each other.

I've been fine, you?
Kyoya 0tori

Report | 03/13/2010 6:42 am

Kyoya 0tori

Hello, how have you been?
Josephine Machi

Report | 12/15/2009 7:10 pm

Josephine Machi

this was the best i could make out of the little money i had B< dont judge me..... [ lol ]
the haircut i wanted cost 5k Dx !!
i g2g too D: bai bai
also u can erase the two comments i made xD;; or just this one.
i'll make arima tomorrow