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Registered: 03/29/2005

Gender: Female

Location: Tennessee, USA

I Enjoy:

(Especially Rococo, Regency and Civil War eras.)
-Historical Reenacting
(Currently I just do the Civil War era but hope to expand to 18th century, Regency and any other eras that may interest me enough in the future.)

-Sewing things, especially clothing.
-Crochet, Knitting, Tatting, Spinning, Etc.
-Doing Crafts
-Drawing and Painting
-Interior Design
-Singing and Dancing
(Although I am not very good at either of them really!)
-Music of all genres.
-Video Games
(Systems: [Sega Genesis - Nintendo - Playstation 2 - Nintendo DS Lite]
(Sadly I do not have time to play them as often as I used to, though..)

-Flowers and Gardens
-Tea (Earl Grey with Honey and Milk is my favorite!)
-Learning new things
-Visiting old mansions, houses and historical sites.
-and many other random little things!


My name is Elisabeth.

I am twenty-seven years of age.

United States

My heart belongs to my beyond wonderful Husband, Jimmy. My beautiful daughter, Gabriela. (As of: November of 2013) and my preciously handsome Son, Thomas (As of: May of 2017)

I have been on Gaia for twelve years.