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Alyssa was. And I don't think we've exactly reached 'friendship status' haha

Oh no, I'm sure nothing like that would happen.

Hm? What's that?
Well it has a hint of soy sauce in it (:

Heck if I know D: Let's see... I *think* he's one grade younger than me, so at LEAST 16. And his boy toy is 21.

Oh wow. I had completely forgotten you were in another time zone >__>;;

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Cause she was talking about it? o.o;;

Yes. And letting their poor, dejected souls get picked up by other females :3

What the hell indeed.

Uhhh, 19. Yeah, next summer.
I wouldn't mind visiting Scotland though (:

I have pork chops that taste like eggs. Good?

Okay his boytoy is just confusing and I don't understand. Apparently, he finds males attractive. But can't see himself in a relationship with any of them. And he's bi. And a virgin. And was willing to wait for Mr. Fake Gay to be old enough. I don't understand how a male can only be attracted to something, but have control?!
Maybe it's just late and my brain is dead (:

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I went to the movies with Derek. And Alyssa was one of the people there. And yeah.

Oh my goddd no I wasn't!
I was SAVING them!
I'm a woman of God, it's my job to help the poor souls move along before they get hurt ;DD

Well I mean,
You'/ll probably end up running away. Screaming in horror ):

Well go do itt! Go to the supermarket and ask people if they'll take you xD

Haha, I already asked if I could bring a friend along, cause Shannon wants to go to Scotland too.
I'm sure he won't be TOO disappointed having 3 females at his place. Hahha

I highly disagree.
He's too much of a pansy for that.

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Okay so apparently, the guy that was the principal at Lake last year told AJ that she should not even bother with an education because strippers made sooo much more money.

If only I had worn something like that when at my lovely VA school.. ;o

Hahaha. Go ahead and be excited now, cause it's not gonna last when you find out what it is

Basically, yes.

But it's so hard to sleep when it's light D; That's why you get so much partying done? (:
Lol so, you know the Scottish boy? He wants me to come visit him next summer.

Yes, let's just go ahead and sacrifice me~

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I'm not surprised. (: I would have expected you to sometime soon, ahah.
....That is the most amazing shirt I've never seen in my entire life.

I know.
You just keep festering that excitement (:

He's been talking to a guy for like, 5 days. And the guy is confused about whether or not he wants to be in a relationship. And the boy sounds like someone that likes to take his time and really get to know a person, sooo. It's really not a problem.
It's just overthinking xD
No. No thank you D: I would make a TERRIBLE cheerleader hahh

Cause dad likes kayaking? =D

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Umm, w/e.
I heard those stories you had about the last time you were in Alaska. Don't even pretenddd

Oh how exciting. I may or may not be home until Friday next week o:
So your surprise will have to wait ;D

Uhh, he messaged me on the little Facebook messenger thing??
I'm like a cheerleader more than anything lmao
My mission in life. MUST be to make boys ego's go up.
Must be.

They went to the mall.
And bought one... D:

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But.. Aren't you? ;D

Aw that sucks. Who are you staying with?

Haha, I know that feeling D:
I'm talking to Mr. Fake-Gay about his boy troubles atm. And omg. You're sooo lucky.

I have to go kayaking tomorrow e.e

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Why are you here and not out at some bar

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Your purchase is greatly appreciated

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thanks for the buy


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