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Hi, just a college student here reliving my early Gaia days. PM me if you have steam and let's play Dead by Daylight. I'm pretty chill, so feel free to send me questions and convos! (I don't RP, sorry just not my thing)~

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pretty fly 4 a dwight guy Report | 07/17/2020 8:41 am
pretty fly 4 a dwight guy
For two months I've been hiding, waiting for the Shape to show up, all because of your warning.
I've watched them all pass outside my locker; the crouching pig, the laughing clown, the silent ghost, hell, even the quick-draw cowboy.
But I've never seen him. Could I have missed him? No, through the vents of my locker I see all corners of the Entity's realm. Nothing is unknown to me.
Perhaps it was a jest? Of course it was - you were simply trying to scare me! What a great, very funny, and not at all harmful prank! It should only take me 3 years of therapy to fully recover.
I guess I can finally get out of this locker and escape. I saw the hatch in the middle of the street, maybe I ca--
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deathinmypocket Report | 05/24/2020 4:11 pm
Thank you for your purchase! 🖤
ForgivenForLoving Report | 05/11/2020 12:47 pm
Hi yes you're short.
Sairanie Report | 04/23/2020 1:04 pm
Thank you for your purchase! heart
Valentinesuchabop Report | 04/21/2020 12:41 pm
heart Thanks for buying heart
Arxmin Report | 03/30/2020 7:57 pm
Ty for the purchase. Enjoy. 🤩
-I-Zodiacs-I- Report | 12/11/2019 12:37 am
Thank you so much for purchasing from my shop!
Have a wonderful day
X_XCaptain AshX_X Report | 12/01/2019 7:29 pm
X_XCaptain AshX_X
Hi! Thank you very much for your purchase. Enjoy ~ heart
sw_hew Report | 11/22/2019 4:41 am
Hello, thanks for the purchase! Hope you have a nice day!! yum_puddi
Serene Snowbelle824 Report | 08/31/2014 12:24 pm
Serene Snowbelle824
yum_puddi yum_cupcake Happy Birthday To A Fellow Panther! yum_cupcake yum_puddi

yum_cupcake It's a Day Late, but the Wish is still the same! yum_cupcake

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