Eli Raenim


Registered: 12/17/2003

Gender: Female

Location: North Carolina, USA

Birthday: 02/02/1990

Occupation: Bartender

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Banter from the mind of Miss. Eli Raenim



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Hi, as far as you're concerned my name is Eli.

I am a...
Artist, mountain girl, music fanatic, beer snob, car enthusiast, nerd, amateur cosmetologist, closet-stoner, sunglasses collector, bartender, ginger, lover, best friend and gun slingin' badass.

I have a lot of 'body art'.
I really like clothes, I try to always look put-together.
If you put a pen in my hand I can draw you anything in the world.
My mind is a very odd, unorganized, and disheveled place.
I prefer to surround myself with positive energy.

Fight fair.

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What a waste of a pretty face.