I'm a systematic love addict.

I'm an Anarchist
I'm joining the USMC
If that doesn't make since,
Then you don't know me.

I'm a work horse.
Hard labor does a body good.
I'm 130lbs.

I love all of my friends.
I hate my enemies.
The Enemy of my enemy is probably not my friend.

Quote to remember.
When giving a girl a hicky, do it in a place where her parents won't see.


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random comment
exp. 99

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exp. 99

wait a minute...i know naomuth quortek, but who the heck is this?

Damn my crappy memory...
Demo 1.0

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Demo 1.0

Demo 1.0

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Demo 1.0

Aradia FireChild

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Aradia FireChild

Ooo look. I see me! xd

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Peek-a-boo! o^.^o


Preparing For War.

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