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. I N F O .

Name - Alyssa

Nicknames - Lyssa, Alyss, Vivi, Puddi, and if I like you I will respond to anything as long as you say it with affection and I know you are addressing me.

Age - Twenty

Biological Sex - Female

Sexual Orientation - Pansexual/Demisexual

Gender Orientation - Gender Fluid/Gender Queer

Current Sexual Behavior - Asexual

Comfortable Gender Role - Masculine and Feminine

Occupation - Student

Religion - Buddhist

Political Views - Liberal

Likes - Writing, reading, drawing, photography, music, stories, hiking, science, psychology, physics, learning, soccer, softball, survival skills, nature, people watching, travel, healthy food, fitness, free running, rock climbing, action movies and TV shows, snow and rain, fanfiction, feminism, boots,

. F U N . F A C T S . A B O U T . M E .

♪ I love cooking especially when I am cooking for others yum_puddi

♪ I plan to write sci-fi novels for a living.

♪ I own over 500 books; about 230 of which are manga

♪ I have a introvert side, a extrovert side, and a wise uncaring side.

♪ I really hate being teased.

♪ I can't find it in my self to laugh at offensive jokes no matter how true they are.

♪ I have something called Synesthsia. That means I have a bunch of extra connections in my brain. Any sensory experience I have is augmented by another sensory experience. An example: If I see something colored brightly gold I feel as though a metallic foil is in my mouth. Both the texture and the taste.

♪ I frequently wish I was a shapeshifter for two specific reasons: 1) I could do boss cosplays and 2) I could be a boy when ever I wanted and a girl when ever I wanted and have the flexibility to switch between the two.

♪ I have been a avid fanfiction reader since I was in middle school and it has made me into a super pervert and a super creeper.

♪ I want to get a 'Lurk More' tattoo

♪ I love music so much it is almost unhealthy.

Nice to meet you!


Make Mine A Good Self

Keep Moving Forward

I Deserve What I Earn

Reduce World Suck

Don't Forget To Be Awesome


Make Mine A Good Self
I Deserve What I Earn
Keep Moving Forward
Reduce World Suck

I appreciate art
I am passionate about writing
I am reverent about music
Dont Forget To Be Awesome


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