I am a 20-year-old female, living in Southern Ontario. I am not currently going to school but next year I plan to take a college course on animation and character design! Yay! <3 I currently live with my mother and older brother, we get along farely well I suppose, there's always the usual issue with family though, especially privacy issues.

Anyway, I'm a girl who love, love, LOVES to game. Video games are a big passion, as are anime, and manga. Role playing is also something I'm very fond of. MMO's are a new passion of mine. I own Guild Wars, Final Fantasy XIV (FAIL), and just bought WoW. I can also be found playing StarCraft II, and League of Legends. Both really great games. Offline I also play many games, I own almost all the Final Fantasy games for the playstations. I also own BlazBlue, Soul Calibur IV, Dragon Age: Originas & Awakening, Little Big Planet, Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Oblivion and many many more.

I anime is my second passion, and I would love to list some that I've watched, but there's over 50+ anime I've seen so if you're interested here's my top ten in no specific order. Wolf's Rain, Air, Kimeno no Souja Erin, Claymore, Berserk, Skip Beat, Berserk, RahXephon, Kodocha, Kaleido Star.

Now aside from that, I LOVE to draw, so if you ever feel like you want me to draw something for you just pm me, okay?

Um.... Hm... Oh! I love to massage, ever since I was little I've always wanted to be a massage theripist but stuff got in the way, so I decided to fall back on a drawing career, since it's the only thing that's ever lasted as long. I am a very creative person, when it comes to both drawing and writing or so I've been told. So I'll probably use my journal as a gallery.


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Terra's Fun Stuff

I love anime, and magna, and movies, and writing, and drawing, and cheese. So I decided why not group all the things I like together, well without the cheese, and I came up with the idea of writting reviews. So here it is, have fun, enjoy.



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ill trade for ur scarlet rose for 108,283K
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Ok! I'll try it sometime.
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I've just started watching anime and one of my friends recommended those. I personally don't like Naruto either, but Fruits Basket is alright.
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Hi, Terra. I enjoy reading, writing, and drawing, but I'm not really good at drawing. I also enjoy watching anime like Fruits Basket, Deathnote, and Naruto. I love to go on walks when it's nice and cool outside.
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Hi, I'm Bethany, nice to meet you! What are your hobbies?