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layout ----
i currently have a lack of a layout. i was feeling the need for change, but i could not figure out what i really wanted it to look like, so for now, until i think of something, here is my underconstruction layout. (which shall be up for an indeterminable amount of time.) the cute little picture of my avatar off to the side was drawn by my friend .[Cheezy]. she is super wonderful. <3

hello ----
hello my username is eleazra and there isn't much else to say.

interests ----
music --
the flaming lips, ben kweller, placebo, hot hot heat, the aquabats, beck, panic! at the disco, flogging molly, dir en grey, razor light, ted leo, the cloud room, junior senior, action action, nada surf, dogs die in hot cars, longwave, judy and mary, the mars volta, at the drive-in, adam green, snow patrol, rooney, h.o.t, interpol, the shins, ben folds, tegan and sara, nightmare, sendai kamotsu, the clash, senses fail, the mooney suzuki, hanson, david bowie, fast ball, wilco, doves, turin breaks, they might be giants, the academy is..., straylight run, death from above 1979, the decemberists, blur, kaiser chiefs, the white stripes, fountains of wayne, travis, jaurim, secret machines, jack johnson, the strokes, head automatica, ryan adams, gazette, plastic tree, damien rice, the new pronographers, kings of leon, steve burns
movies --
legend, enemy mine, the chumscrubber, empire records, blade runner, forrest gump, buffalo '66, master and commander, james and the gaint peach, serenity, mean creek, hedwig and the angry inch, the pest, dead man, pulp fiction, bubble boy, edward scissorhands, the dangerous lives of altar boys, apocalypse now, big fish, city of lost children, the land before time, sin city, a better place, lawrence of arabia, american beauty, wild at heart, white squall, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, imaginary heros, the usual suspects, sidekicks, mystery train, garden state, the good girl, smoke signals, big fish, muppet treasure island, memento, the devil's backbone, rudy, the notebook, kung fu hustle, i heart huckabees, jumanji, dude where's my car, thumbsucker, rabbit-proof fence, happy endings, the big lebowski
other --
firefly, snowflakes, sunflowers, sunny days, laughing, frozen dinners, panda bears, video games, candy canes, panties, peanutbutter, saving the rainforest, chai tea, lipgloss, hide and seek, lunch boxes, lowercase letters, boys, telephones, the color yellow, sprite remix aruba jam, being happy, trad, rice pudding, yakuza bob, playing outside in the rain, jamba juice, six feet under, hair clips, clouds, long ago and far away, the ocean, train tracks, thunder storms, chupa chups, picture books, jumpropes, raspberry jam, autumn leaves, blueberries

quest ----
i am currently not on a quest. :]
my quest for a :3 brown paper bag was completed february 22nd! i finished this one all on my own. <33
previous quest completed february 7th! i was on a quest for a black and white jocker collar. i want to thank everyone who has donated tickets to help me out. i really really appreciate it and i would not have finished this quest without you guys. thank you. -lovelove to you all-

have a nice day. <3

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Saga Takashi

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Saga Takashi


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thx for buying! User Image

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<33 !
Terra of The Teen Titans

Report | 01/18/2009 7:09 pm

Terra of The Teen Titans

hey girl i love you profile its so chibi cute!!!!
etre gracieux

Report | 10/06/2008 8:23 pm

etre gracieux

[[ randomcomment ]]

yer pro is so cute!
Christina Sarah

Report | 03/06/2008 8:24 am

Christina Sarah

You are awesome. User Image
SHogun Sasshi

Report | 02/05/2008 1:37 pm

SHogun Sasshi

i miss you ok bye

Report | 01/25/2008 6:41 pm


it's been under construction for a looooong time xDD
Umehito x Nekozawa

Report | 12/22/2007 11:50 am

Umehito x Nekozawa

omg omg grombie skin


bye bye world. or will our hope still hold on?

:] <3 [/color:7eeba0ac24] [/size:7eeba0ac24]