Heya. I'm a political science major and have the "privilage" of being the only black female in my upper division courses. Weird how that works, I never really noticed until 2 nights ago. XP It's like the Sith, only I lack an apprentice. Maybe Highlander would be a better comparison. XP Chief interest and passion is Political Theory and I'm hopin to pursue a doctorate after graduating. I'ma die!! =P

I have an awesome boyfriend and I spend most of my free time (i.e. what's not spent doing school stuff) with him becuase I won't see him much after May. -cries- He's still got at least 2 yrs left in college, and I think he's staying here for his Masters. I also like playing D&D with friends (clerics rock!), drawing, being silly, and listening. I love to read and will read just about whatever is put in front of me. My favorite book is Jane Eyre, and one of the niftiest books I've read is the Ramayana. Boyfriend has got me started on R.A. Salvatore's books; Drizzt is now one on the fictional crush list. XP I am addicted to 24 but keep missing eps due to school and life. le sob. Big Firefly/Serenity fan, and one of my poli sci guys has got me hooked on Battlestar Galactica. Obviously I like the sci-fi fantasy type. smile I also like history. Related to that, my biggest wish is to host a proper masquerade ball. biggrin None of that costume stuff that's done today, but one complete with a quartet, ball room, proper dancing, masks on handles, fancy dresses for the girls (the kind that would need real corsets), and coats, breeches, and stockings for the guys. Yum. :3

Not enough "girly" stuff listed, huh? Hmm...I like Project Runway and keep hoping that horrid Santino gets booted. Tasteless freaky micky mouse looking jerk. XP If you wanna know anything else, ask.


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*Hugs Elen*

I dunno if you check this anymore, but yeah, scary nasty art is not fun. sad

If you survive AFH, though, you get 1000 kudo-points and a CHICKEN.


Flowers only smile because they've killed someone.~My buddy Stephen

Futue te ipsum et equum in quo victus es. ^_^ If you understand that, you'll laugh. XD