von cagalingan was born and raised in philippines. im a simple person , friendly and can trust. i do love doodles, draw some anime and kind a good at letterings.i also like k-pop, but not too much. im a music lover , i like listening love song and sometimes when feel so good i like rock and alive musics. im trying to be good at playing guitar (im practicing so that i can be good as my uncle). i started practicing guitar since when i was in grade six , my music improves i can now play a song using my very own guitar . i write some stories about me and a stories that can inspires everyone. playing guitars, listening to musics and drawings are my hobbies, i love doing it and i enjoy it. today im trying my best to reach my goals in life. i like girly stuffs specially pink. strawberries are my favorite treats. IM PROUD TO BE PINOY. i can speak korean and i do write in hangeul forms, i can speak spanish and english too. im a religious person, GOD is my everything, HE is my strength and also i respect GOD and my parents. i adore coffees in starbucks specially java chip frappuccino ice cream. i love to travel different places with my friends and also my family. i enjoy traveling because when i see different beautiful places, i feel so alive and im having a peace of mind. my ultimate k-pop bias is Leeteuk from suju. i like him because his handsome and he is a kind of man that i wanna marry. btw guys thank you for reading this info i hope you like it is a 0.1% about me. your going to know more about me if we become close friends..
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