[the lady of shalott]

there are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other.
time is making fools of us again.

harry & luna.
ronald & hermione.


birthday: july 31st, 1992

gifts are love.


wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome. (anyone who gets that reference is pretty much fantastic.)
i am your host.
elaine of astolat.

i'm a seventeen year old supernerd // polite young lady who is usually eating. basically, i'm a writer, creative and otherwise. c: my favorite things include the wand-waving world of a certain angsty wizard, time travel (especially if it involves things toned in sepia), radish earrings, upholding my own OTPs with the highest amount of acceptance for the opinions of others (no seriously. i really don't mind if you don't like the pairings i like. revolutionary, isn't it?), unicorns, make believe, poofy petticoats, fascinators, berets, snoods, trapper hats, thinking up eccentric clothing for luna lovegood whenever i write as her, gingers, obsessing over a particular song for about two weeks, being a self-proclaimed anglophile // puzzle fetishist, trying to make my typed stuff look artsy by never capitalizing anything and putting extra spaces between my colons and semicolons and slashes, oh, and james mcavoy. and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, GAH. heart and those are just a few things that float my multicolored, shiny boat. : D

'tis a pleasure to meet you.