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Hello. I'm Valeire,Val For Short. I’m El or whatever name that rocks your boat, but I might not react as well as to El. I am a very creative person, Yes Indeed, I can bring out any personality that I have, but mostly my Dorkness comes into play more than half the time. I type very literate. So when I make a typo, I get really angry or frustrated. So at some point, you must have seen me either in Rallies, Another Profile, Or a Post I left, either posting for random, or for the Roleplaying. A random Friend Request won’t make me to happy, unless we actually had some point to talk to each other. I tend to hear, I am a Funny Person, and the only reason, is my Dorkness, so I don't think I am a bad person to be around. I’m Kind Heart to add. But Heck, Thats Only me right? Like your any more perfect than me?

Name:Valerie ( Val )
Nicknames: El, or Angeline
D.O.B: August 10
Location: Texas
Gender: Female
Mostly Does On Gaia: Roleplaying and Hang out in Rallies
Personality: Nice, Wacky, Crazy, Random

Out Of Gaia:

I’m A Leo, Hear me roar, Rawr >:U . I’m a brunette, when the sun hits my hair, you can see reddish ( A nice kind ). I’m Tall and Skinny, I have a body and abs. I have ton of friends, in different groups, but I prefer some over the others. I don’t choose to be popular, I avoid it more than usual. I Have a Kind heart for all my friends, especially the ones in need, I hand off the best advice I can to someone. My Cousin Refers me to being a “A Non Happy Emo Kid” I don’t know How I gain that title from her tho. I’m love sports, Swimming more than anything. Track, I love to Run and Do Hurdles and High Jump. Basket is my Favorite, Jump Ball is fun to do. I’m Called a Brat From My Sister and My Older Cousin. I might be spoiled but I don’t really seem like that kind. I stand up for what is right, and I know when I need to stop speaking on a subject. :] I am speak three languages. One Better than the other: English, Spanish, & French. I’m an A honor student. I got accepted to a School Medical school but turned it down to come to the best school in my town. I am pleased to have made this choice, even tho It might take longer for my career. College at my City? No Thanks. I plan on Going up North. If You want more, Just ask.

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