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I might not be the most charismatic bimbo headed boob or the sharpest knife in the cutting block. I'm not perfect, I don't feel the need to be perfect, I don't "want" to be perfect, and frankly... I'm too lazy to be perfect. But the fact of the matter is, if you really think about it, neither is anyone else.

I'm just Jodi, nothing more nothing less... On occasion I may pretend for awhile that I am "ye ol' lady of super-fantastic-greatness" and you should worship the ground I walk on but thats just because I'm feeling good and usually only lasts as long as it takes for me to get sucked back into that dismal abyss by something going on around me (which is most of the time).

So basically... what you see is what you get... I'm a package deal... I can be the one person you can talk to when no one else in the world is willing to listen and people can and will tell you this is true (even strangers).

I don't demand a lot of attention, just feed me, take me for a stroll, and rub my belly and I'll be your best buddy forever and always smile .

"I like to surround myself with people I find intellectually stimulating."- Vada Sultenfuss 'My Girl'<- This is true but let me color in those gray areas for you... I am by no means one of those book-smarty-people, I am a of average smartness (though I am a world class smart a**). When I say intellectually stimulating, I mean, thought provoking concepts that make me think about stuff and sends those rusty gears in my brain a swirling.

If I talk to you, then you're on my good side and that means you're okay and I'm not gonna go preying mantis on you and eat your head anytime soon... Just stay off my bad side... The only things you can do to get on my bad side and I will know if you do them on purpose, are:
1.) Throw spiders on me, at me, or near me...
2.) Lock me in a room with a crazy clown from hell, or any clown for that matter...
3.) Bite someones elbow-pit (that area makes me sick because of when I donated blood) or touch mine for that matter.
4.) Spit a loogey or food or spit period where I can see it (bad gag reflexes) or on me...

I'm a spur of the moment spontaneous person although sometimes in new situations I turn into a scared rabbit but if you give me the chance I'll come bursting out of that shell and set your eyes ablaze with the neon lights emitting from my skull.

I love new music, I can't play it worth a damn period, but I like to delude myself into thinking I can sing (sometimes). I guess the reasons for this are, when you listen to music or well... If you listen to music like I do... You can lose yourself in the beat and put yourself in some alternate made up universe and zone out and just be in the song, you can feel it in your soul and just be the music. Sometimes all it takes is one note, lyric, or chord that makes or breaks your mood.

My life is NOT music though at all... My life is my life-> everything going on, around, near, or caused by me... is my life... (isn't that what it is for everyone else?) I consider myself an alien in the world of normality and am always striving to break out of that sameness before I go insane...

One more thing and I'll let your bleeding eyes rest, I'm always up for new things and making new friends. So if you want to laugh till you pee your pants and or number 2 (poo poo) then you should definitely send me a message and or friend request....

♥ Jodi

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This is me BTW smile
My name is Jodi
Hai XD


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ren is a butt Report | 02/10/2011 7:06 pm
ren is a butt
hay bby dramallama
Ego Dominus Tuus Report | 02/19/2008 6:46 pm
Ego Dominus Tuus
Comment Virginity ISH MINE! *dances*


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