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Returned to Gaia after 7 years
I need friends and threads to hangout in



Hey, yo, I'm Elliot

- Addicted to tipping posts
- Botanist + lazy collage maker
- Constantly lurking around Gaia
- Disorganised af

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zaiisu Report | 08/11/2011 12:34 pm
scream the lemme comment spam yooou
:U chat moar at some threads then~
goood and sleepy~ hbu? > u <
zaiisu Report | 08/11/2011 12:16 pm
sneaky, removing the comment me button. >:U
/comments anyway
Demy Report | 08/09/2011 11:37 pm
Aww! You're so sweet, thank you! I really wanted my profile to be like.. a whole different thing. Something that gives you a completely different environment. I'm so glad to hear that people are noticing the little details though. xD
Demy Report | 08/09/2011 1:00 am
Thank you! heart
Little Miss Scarypants Report | 07/03/2011 11:07 am
Little Miss Scarypants
Did I do something wrong officer?
White Sticky Fluid Report | 05/18/2010 3:54 pm
White Sticky Fluid
Random Comments are kewl.
Demy Report | 05/07/2010 11:29 am
I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to cancel your order. D: I am overly busy, I hardly even have time to eat! I'm caught up in a lot right now such as testing, moving, animated chibi orders, and overall life. I humbly apologize. >.< I do have shops open ever so often so just check the Art Request forum for me. c:
Demy Report | 05/06/2010 8:34 pm
I just woke up from a nap. xD I'm finishing orders right now.
Demy Report | 05/06/2010 9:59 am
Urm, I don't do people in order. xD I've been VERY busy lately. (Just took the SAT, preparing for the STAR testing, got a project from work to do, school, I've got 3 animated chibi orders, AND I'm moving on top of that. )
Pooping Together Report | 02/28/2010 10:46 am
Pooping Together
id be like uhh yea