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May and I : D
By mayyuuu

Hello, new friend.
My name is Fred.
The words you hear are in my head.
I say, I said, my name is Fred.

And I've been...very naughty.

The story I'm about to tell,
I tell you, I will tell you well,
is about my dear Aunt Murielle.

And just how I've been...naughty.

The farm. My Aunt lives here.
With precious pup, and husband dear.
My heart beat fast as I drew near.

I felt so nice...and naughty.

I thought just how excited they
must be, that I would come today.
They'd shout, "Come Fred! Huzzah! Hurray!".

Dear boy, you look so...naughty.

That's when my tired eyes beheld, a doggy dog, like dog he smelled.
D-O-G is what he spelled.

And that's how I spell...naughty.

Alone, was I.
With tender Courage.
With all his fur, his furry furrage.

Which I say, did encourage me, to be, quite...naughty.

It was a day I'd not forget,
the day that I first met my pet.
Oh! What a lovely gift to get.

I'd never felt so...naughty.

My fuzzy friend is what he was, this darling little ball of fuzz.
And, oh, such fuzz, such fuzz! It does

demand that I be...naughty.

He looked at me, his fetching eyes, and fetching fur did hypnotize.
I filled with joy, I filled with sighs.

And that's when I got...naughty.

This dripping hair, this droopy curl.
Unfurls sweet memories, of a girl.
With tresses, oh, they'd twist and twirl.

And tempt me to be...naughty.

Barbara, my love was named.
And her fair hair, a mane untamed.
Until one evening, I'm ashamed.

I got a little...naughty.

The look upon my young love's face, was sweet as lace. But in this case, I realized she...needed space.
I never more was naughty.

Well...maybe not never.

Dear cur.
Your fur and fleece remind
of nothing found in humankind.
But for one fellow,

who did find me to be...in a certain mood.

Into my shop he walked one day,
with bush above and beard bouquet.
That's no toupee, I pray, no way,

I couldn’t help but be...you know.

I'd never seen such hair before.
His bangs, they sang.
His neck, it beckoned.
Eyebrows, armpits, all were reckoned.
Soon I figured what the heck, and,

Guess how I was...naughty.

But then my landlords did presume,
to free me from that porcelain tomb.
And ferry to a private room.

Your hero...ever naughty.

Goodbye, dear aunt.
I'll miss your farm.
And Eustace’s ebullient charm.
And farewell, Courage, what's the harm?

If I was slightly...naughty.

With love...Fred

Name is Stacy. 22 years old and I been on Gaia for about 5 years. I'm probably one of the most simple minded people you'll ever meet. It's really, really easy to amuse me. I'm also really goofy, but I do know when to be serious. I mostly watch cartoons like SpongeBob, Fairly OddParents, Billy and Mandy. But I also watch shows like CSI and Law and Order. Along with my simple mindness and goofyness, I also have major mood swings. Like one moment I'm laughing my a** off and one moment its best to leave me alone. But other than that, I'm a pretty easy person to get along with. But know this, I can be mean. But thats only to people who are mean to me. So treat me nice, and we will have no problems. :]

Other Facts:
I'm really easy to get along with.
I can be mean at times.
I's hyper a lot..lol.
I have a boyfriend in real life; going out with him for over two years. ^^
I'm a nerdy, dorky, loser who is obsessed with SpongeBob. xD

As of now, I am no longer donating to just anyone. I have to know you on here, in other words be on my friends list, and we had to talk a few times. I don't donate to random people. Well I will, if I'm feeling really generous. And you also had to donate to me in the past.



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sinful ninja Report | 04/25/2012 1:28 pm
Happy birthday <3333
Miss you bunches c:
sinful ninja Report | 07/25/2011 3:09 am
I Misses you gonk heart
NylonLashing Report | 05/22/2011 6:24 pm
YOUR MARRIED!!! how does it feel to be a mrs. and also
i miss you so much sorry i dont get on a lot anymore )): I has no computer and it
sucks and i can only use my uncles everyone in awhile..
HOW are you doing I wanna know what's up with you.
I wanna hear everything i've missed in your life
)): and i see all those hearts.. do you have a new love..
sinful ninja Report | 05/11/2011 2:22 pm
yay (:
You've been gone for so long! :3
sinful ninja Report | 05/11/2011 2:10 pm
It's okay.. Real life is more important anyways. ; o; heart
sinful ninja Report | 05/11/2011 6:49 am
It's okay. I understand.. :c
nooooooo ; o;
sinful ninja Report | 05/10/2011 8:55 am
I miss you bunches <3
sinful ninja Report | 05/10/2011 7:58 am
-poke- heart
sinful ninja Report | 04/08/2011 7:52 pm
Tim Drake Boy Wonder Report | 03/20/2011 5:48 pm
I enjoy your avi o 3o


I is now a married womanz 4laugh
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