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I love, love, love Poetry. I have not decided on my favorite poet yet, but, when I do, it WILL be posted here. I write poetry when I'm upset. To me, it is the only way to really, truly express how you feel at the time. I once wrote a love poem. Once. There are some poems I have written that are inspiring, positive, and moving. A lot of the 'rough draft' poems I write are really sad, angry, or anything negative that I write JUST to get things out. Poetry is one of my top things on the list. It may not be the first on my 'to do' list, but it is, in fact, the first on my 'writing' list. I would post poems up for you all to see, but, unfortunately, there are very stupid people that steal others' poems. I'd rather not take the risk.

Okay, onto writing. I love to write. I NEED to give kudos to Michelle, because she inspired me to write. My third grade teacher, Mrs. West, inspired me to write as well. She also deserves kudos. Ms. B inspired me to NO end to write the Multiple Perspectives Story so amazingly! It is called "The New York City Journals." Ask about it, and I may just let you read it! I got 100% on it, and is very well-written! My other teachers have told me, "I wish my students could write like that!" and "This looks like something a college student could write! Amazing!" I love the feeling of happiness when I hear things like that when it comes to my writing! Speaking of writing, I plan on writing two books. One will be based off "The New York City Journals".

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention: The story I wrote is about two detectives that work on a tough case that deals with a massacre of an entire family, and a connection of rapes in the city. The book's summary will go something like this: Something horrible is happening in New York City! In one of the fancy, rich homes, a massacre happened, and a rape is connected. Things don't stop there. There are starting to be series of massacres and rapes in the overpopulated city! There is a vigilante out there, and needs to be stopped! Worse than that, there is a copycat of the original rapist/murderer that is walking the streets! Working their first case together for the first time, Detective Liliana Jenkins and Detective Richard Morris deal with these horrifying people while battling their own demons. Can they snap out of it before it is too late?

...That is KIND OF how it would go. I am sure the summary would be SO much better when the book itself is actually written. You can let me know what you think, and please be honest. That is honestly what I need, no matter how brutal! I am ready to take any punch thrown at me (not literally, of course)! Oh, no. I am not done yet. I still have to tell you all what I also do on my spare time!

I sing. I love, love, love to sing! Even though I'm still convinced I'm not that great, I still love it! It gets rid of stress and brings the mood up BIG TIME!

I am also very Empathetic AND Sympathetic. If you take advantage of that, look forward to never speak to me again. People who lie to get attention are pathetic (even tho I was one of them myself 3 years ago)! If you don't want to be my friend, don't bother talking to me. If you don't ever want to hang out with me, don't volunteer to give me your number! It is really pointless! You are just wasting your time, people! I am an honest person. If I don't like something, I'll say it. I'll say it in a nice way, though. My maturity level is around 25. I don't like immature people, because I can't get along with them whatsoever. They try to be friends with me, act mature, and then before I know it, they're ignoring me. Immaturity, is it not?

Well, I'm done with this. Hope you enjoyed reading it! smile

♥/Kristen (KR)

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ryienna Report | 09/02/2010 2:04 pm
Your right, mwa hahahahahahahahahahaha.
ryienna Report | 09/02/2010 1:56 pm
Like omg i'm typing you this comment. on your lap top. and you have NO idea.
-ii_CoOkIe_DoUgH_Xx Report | 06/03/2010 2:36 pm
im bored
-random comment-
please do not reply, thanks!
ClearlyMachine Report | 04/11/2010 10:24 am
You should put the things that your dream avi is wearing onto your wish list. :3
ryienna Report | 03/14/2010 3:22 pm
<.< >.>

*Pounces and hugs*

HI YOU <3 <3 <3 <3

*runs away*
Sextremely Report | 03/13/2010 5:37 pm
Back in puzzles
Sextremely Report | 03/13/2010 4:41 pm
Cuz i was on kenny's computer
he came home
So I got off his computer
Sextremely Report | 03/13/2010 3:47 pm
xD that's cuz I fail
and didn't make one
I forgot
I have one now tho
Sextremely Report | 03/13/2010 3:37 pm
I'll open one right now ;D
Sextremely Report | 03/13/2010 3:34 pm



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