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        What I am looking for:

          • Sketches, line art, shaded, et cetera. I am honestly not picky.
          • Headshots, busts, waist-highs and more. If headshot, I would love to see something suggestive about it.
          • Traditional, digital, and whatever else type of medium there is.
          • Only the female at this time. The “master” is not yet completed.
          Please do not draw her in a sexual situation with your character.

        What I can provide at this time:

          • Text-based references with links to real photographs or images.
          • Hex color codes for details.
          • Pose references to draw inspiration from, if necessary.


          • Flirty or sexual without exposing the genitals or using the items explicitly.
          • Expressive body language in the facial features, body language, and tail.
          • Lots of saliva and labored breathing. Seriously. Saliva. Yeessss.

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