I once was just Eirnae Natenhar, an elven mercenary with a talent for jinking locks and mucking with traps. A leader of men and women, driving my small group onward to defeat a force great enough that an army had to tear it down bit by bit. I was in love with Saki, an elven nobleman who gave up his wealth to follow the path of the monk only to return to his roots upon our wedding. We spoke of children and our future. By then I had become a shadowdancer, and followed the ways of Eilistraee, Drow goddess of the moon and magic.

Then the remnants of what we had once defeated returned, and they took my Saki from me. I nearly went mad from the grief. Risking our unborn child, I gathered the survivors of our original group and tracked down my husband's killers. At that journey's end our combined strength was enough to eliminate the threat forever. All that I had gained through training and equipment during that time meant nothing when compared to my enemy's revenge. I lost my child, and with her my final tie to Saki.

I returned to Elvanna, the forest of my birth, with my shadowkin, Alimus, by my side. I distanced myself from my remaining friends and buried my memories by hiding in ones far older. Yet I could not remain under my parents' protection forever. I set out to rediscover myself, and in the process was reunited with my mentor, Calavel, once again. Through her renewed tutelage I regained my faith and my sanity.

Not long after, I found myself on Gaia. I had been called here, and at first was not sure why. Then I came upon the Fa'e HQ, and realized that my dreams of a bloodied and winged woman were not merely me slipping past my mental brink. Such was how Shina and I came together. Vinyn came soon after, born from a crystal. My new family was growing. Firama, a black furred deepwood volu, came to live with us, and not long after that her daughter, Soldeth. More companions came into our lives, and I welcomed them with an ever warming heart.

Yet I still longed for my old home, where my parents still dwell. I did not consider this plane, this Gaia, my true home till I realized my love for Lenore Slytherin. We were guided together by our Fa'e daughters friendship, and at first I was in denial of my being drawn to her. Another sought my hand during this time, but I was not attracted to him. I have long since realized that what I felt for Lenore grew stronger than even what I felt for Saki. I had moved on, though I shall carry the love for him and our daughter with me always.

I have made many dear friends as I've resettled here on Gaia. Krista, now known as Krista DarkAngel Silme, used to be one of my closer friends. As was David Wolfenbrother, EverDark, Neith, Sayuri Nitta, Akina Tokuwa, Yuumei Tenshi, Ursah, Unseasoned, Antidia, Draconayzia, Sosiqui, and TGIB, amongst others who will remain nameless for now. I left everyone behind when I went after my Shina, and now ... Now I do not know where I belong anymore.

Lenore has left me. The little ones are almost as confused as I am, but I try not to let my sadness show. She's married someone at last, and it is not me. Another woman keeps her heart safe now. I'm trying to be happy for them. I am. I only want for Lenore's happiness ... but what about our children? What happens to them? I will strive to be enough. It's all I can do now. I can't focus on the past, no matter how much I want to drown myself in what once was. I have to move on, for their sakes as well as mine.

Goodbye, my love. I pray to my Lady that your new wife will make you happy.

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Maybe you think I'm letting you go.
Maybe it's not that way.
Maybe I love you more than you know.
Maybe you'll know someday.
Maybe you think it's easy for me,
Easy to say goodbye.
Maybe it hurts me more than you see.
All I can do is cry.

But love is not enough to make you mine.
You need someone who's gonna be there all the time.
Someone to treat you better,
Someone to see you through.
Someone who'd never say
Goodbye, I love you.

"Goodbye, I Love You"


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Lover of Stories

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Lover of Stories

Thanks for buying from my shop ^^
Jeremiah Ramsey

Report | 12/07/2007 9:46 am

Jeremiah Ramsey

Jeremiah looks about quickly, then dive-tackles the Mel. "If anyone's waiting on you, they've got a loooooooong wait. . . MINE!"
Nakuro the taco ninja

Report | 10/31/2007 8:31 pm

Nakuro the taco ninja

thanks for buying the boots, they were a steal huh?
Eirnae Slytherin-Natenhar

Report | 10/12/2007 1:12 am

Eirnae Slytherin-Natenhar

I love the doll, Umrae, thank you! You did marvelously. <3 It's nice to meet another with knowledge of D&D on Gaia, as well.

For all those who commented during my absence, thank you ... It meant a lot to come back and see those.

I have a lot of catching up to do. That much is obvious. Yet I don't know where Nae is story-wise with a lot of folk. So, while I try to pick up the pieces, I'll be mostly focused on Melanctha, my Edelsteine. She's been waiting in the wings long enough already.

I'm back. I'm staying. So feel free to comment if you wish. I may not be on as much as I was once upon a time, but I will be on.


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So did you like the doll? ^^

I read the story at your profile, very interesting.

My character Umrae is also a worshipper of Elistraee, but she's a half drow bard/ divine seeker.

Anyway... It was nice to meet you. Take care User Image

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Akina Tokuwa

Report | 07/17/2006 1:25 pm

Akina Tokuwa

We have to discuss what Shina is wearing to prom. Will you be back in time for it?

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Hope you come back soon - miss you.. ;_;
Mischy teh Vampire

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Mischy teh Vampire

Tis the dancing coment
<(^_^< wink (>^_^)>
*dance dance*
Akina Tokuwa

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Akina Tokuwa

Come baaaack~

^_^ Computer problems suck. I just want you back so I can update you on metaplot happenings. <3


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