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JaceDragon Report | 12/11/2006 7:09 pm
*glomps and snuggles* Sorry I haven't been in the guild in a while. XD
Aught Report | 08/09/2006 8:25 pm
Hey, I saw your comment. I haven't talked to you in ages.
Annapurna Report | 08/07/2006 7:23 pm
*is dabbled in*
CiRqUe Du DaRk RoSeS Report | 07/12/2006 10:24 pm
Eh!? Who told you I didnt like your stick figures? I love them!
Maxxim Report | 07/03/2006 8:32 am
Eihwaz: Protection
Sowelu: A search for knowledge
Nauthiz: A Need...also loyalty...

Your names intrigue me.
Noir Empress Report | 06/18/2006 8:33 pm
*tackle hugs*
Sorinth Report | 06/17/2006 2:16 pm
really cool profile^_^
Revan the Old Tzimisce Report | 06/01/2006 11:30 am
Bow to you...pfft, never.
Coldarc Report | 05/23/2006 5:28 am
Love your profile theme ^-^
AntiMcDonalds Report | 05/01/2006 8:33 pm
*Bows like the Dog I am* What? I listened to your comment?


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Wooo.. Aren't you excited and intrigued by this nifty intro eh?? WELL YOU BETTER BE!! Bwuahahaha! Just kidding.
Right-o then, have a good visit to my most awesomest page in the gaia-verse.

Anyway.. CURRENT MOOD: Drunk.

Name: (Priviledged information)
Age: (Secret, BIATCH!)
Sex: Female
Sex Pref.: Male preference. (I dabble) *lustlust*

Height: 5'3"
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Hazel.

Likes: Going to the mountains, listening to live music (GOOD live music), swimming, watching movies.
I like playing video games - yes folks, that means I'm a nerd LOL. I like to RolePlay to stretch my vocabulary, though sometimes my brain doesn't work too well. I used to play Tabletop RP with my parents. (D&D etc)
I'm computer literate, office literate, and LITERATE PERIOD! BooYAH!
Spaghetti noodles with butter and salt.
Porn. Yes, I said Porn.. deal with it.

Dislikes: I know this is pretty generic, but... Stupid highschoolers, emphasis on the STUPID. I get along with pretty much everyone, and retain a decent level of propriety, but I have to draw the line somewhere.
My job.
My crackhead neighbors... and their friends. THEY'RE IDIOTS!! LMFAO!
Preaching, arrogance.. the usual.
The list goes on and on folks, but I'll spare you the indecency : )

This is my RolePlay character Sowelu; User Image


Sowelu -
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