A few things about me

Well, I'm horrible with introductions, so I'm going to make this a simple and clean a possible.

Currently I'm a college student who is residing in a small-and-somewhat depressing town. I'm studying computer programming with ambitions to one day become a video game designer.

Most my time is devoted towards school, but when I do get the occasional free time I love to draw, and I have a Deviant Art, where you can find some of my art here. I'm not the best artist on the planet, but I'm very determined to one day one have enough skill to create my own doujinshi.

Besides drawing though I love anime, and I may even spend too much time watching it (if that's even possible). Currently I really like Mirai Nikki, Mahou Shoujo magica, and Tsuritama.

A few of my other 'interest', or I guess 'obsessions would be Final Fantasy (my favorite thing of all time), Kingdom Hearts, and Resident Evil, and Shion Sono films ( the best director of all time). To be honest, I don't what I would do without these.

I know this was a horrible introduction, but I'll clean it up later.....I'm too lazy right now.