Of the Effervesence

You have found the profile of Effervescent Insanity.

You may call me Vesi... or if you prefer, come up with some other nickname. As long as I know you are speaking to me, it does not overly matter.

Don't let the apparent new-ness of this lil'account fool you. This is an Alternate made strictly for Role-playing. Why? Because I was doing a lot of art request threads and other such things on my main, and it's just more organized for me if I keep the two things on separate accounts.

I've been a member of gaia for 10+ years, and roleplaying just as long.

I'm an aspiring novelist who really needs to get her act together.

So as you can see, writing is one of my biggest passions. Another reason why I want to keep the two accounts separate. Which is why I'm not going to share the name of my Main account with you here.

I am also not going to accept random friend requests. Of course, if you happen to be roleplaying with me, that is no longer considered a random friend-request!