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Why Hello There!
My name is Mady.
Well, since this is the about me section, I'll tell you about me:
Although I'm in 8th grade right now, I'm still kind of, waaaaay ahead of myself in the future.
Sooo, what goes on now.
This year, I'm in Student Council, thanks to a friend Nate convincing me to.
Thats when I found out I get Scholarships from doing that!
I will also get Scholarships for perfect attendance.
I rarely ever miss school.
Although I really do hate having to do all the work, in the end, it comes out to a great opportunity.
Which is why its a good thing to plan for the future so you can reach that goal before its too late.
So, in the future:
I want to be a Video Game Designer, but that also comes close to the other thing I want to be: A tattoo Designer.
Well, those are the two jobs I'm really looking forward to get.
My backup plan is to become a teacher.
To teach them spoiled rotten kids what life is really about!
Thats what we will be learning about in History~ lol
I also have a Dream Band.
Well, its really hard to explain, I guess it would be screamo, except, you know, a hardcore metal screamo band or whatever you wanna call it...
You know, kind of like SlipKnot.
But what are the chances of my band making it? 1/1000000????
Yeah, plus it would be kind of difficult to create the band, but it would never hurt to try...
Well, maybe a little...
Well, there's a little about me!
Lovez you Gaia!



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