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oteprocks69 Report | 02/26/2008 6:59 am
cute profile ^.^
Ivy99 Report | 12/01/2007 8:46 pm

try this out! Send this to at least 10 people and then press F5! You'll get 10,000 gold
Ivy99 Report | 09/13/2007 7:02 pm
hey how r u?
KittiePaw Report | 08/28/2007 10:25 pm
ohhh luv the back ground!!
FrozenDagger Report | 08/21/2007 5:30 pm
True but it could be kinda angsty when he does imprint. XD He'll be happy he found someone but ubber sad that he has to settle for someone other than Bella. Then that chick he's imprinted with will get all snippity with Jake cuz he can't let Bella go... and yeah. DRAMA! ^^ I was reading that scene with them in the bed room and I was thinking, "I've got a dirty mind but is she really afer that?!" and then she was... *rolls eyes* Then at the meadow... *snickers* he could have just raped her right there if he wanted to. *shudders* Too much info about what HE wanted... That would have just been weird in the wide open like that. And if Jake found out! Oh the drama that would ensue! Poor Jake, he really does take a lot of evil from the author. XD

Wow! Your first day of High School?! I'm glad it was easy. I was consoling my sister earlier. She was ticked off and depressed with her english and art teacher. Apparently the new art teacher won't let them use mechanical pencils and she'll flunk them if they talk at all. They also won't be using Sketch Books and if they use watercolors or other medium, they have to do it her way. She's also going to make them cook. o.O It's an ART class... not a cooking class. I'd flunk in that class just cuz I do things my way and I'd be fangirling and spazzing with my sis the whole time while working. And English... I had a hard time with that teacher and I'm a good student. My sis is gonna have a rough time without me to help. >.< So much for her first day. Hopefully your school isn't as horrible as ours. ^^
FrozenDagger Report | 08/20/2007 6:28 am
It's such an awesome book! I feel really bad for Jake though. I hope he finds someone in the next book. It was really heart wrenching to see how much he downplays how much Ed having Bella hurts him. And then in the Epilogue, you see it through his point of view... I almost cried when I read that and then was depressed for the next two days. >.< You read really fast... That's like two days to a book. lol I think I'm going to go read Eclipse again so I can actually enjoy it rather than rushing through it trying to know what happens and that everything will be ok in the end. >.< At least Ed and Jake didn't kill each other. ^^ That makes me happy but I was hoping that they'd fight a little bit over her and that she has to step in and make them stop... Oh well. ^^
FrozenDagger Report | 08/18/2007 8:36 am
Awww! You got your kitty! Good work! Have you finished Eclipse yet?
Osthara Report | 08/12/2007 5:08 pm
Did u ever get your coco back?
Tetsuya002 Report | 08/11/2007 6:02 pm
well i'm selling it now for 500,000 gold if you have 300,000 gold then we can do that too.
lu-tze Report | 08/11/2007 1:08 pm
*pokepokepoketypoke* User Image


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