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Edward Elric

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Last Login: 11/30/2017 7:44 pm

Registered: 04/15/2007

Gender: Male

Birthday: 05/03/1992

Fullmetal Alchemist: Edward Elric

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Name: Edward Elric
Age: 15
Birthday: October 11
Zodiac: Libra
Gender: Male
Height: 170 cm (including the antenna hair)
Occupation: Full time State Alchemist, part time Philosopher's Stone hunter
Alchemist code name: Full Metal Alchemist
Likes: His brother and most of all Winry!
Dislikes: People calling him 'chibi'. And milk. And Roy Mustang
Status: Engaged to W i n r y R o c k b e l l heart

Hey there everyone!! It's me, Edward Elric, a legendary figure, being the youngest alchemist to receive the title of the state alchemist. Losing my beloved mother at a young age, Alphonse and I struggled in vain to resurrect our mother by engaging in the forbidden human transmutation. I paid the price with losing my left leg and Al lost his entire body, with that I had to sacrifice my right arm in order to pull Al's soul back from beyond the GATE. So far, all I could do what attach his soul to an empty suit of armour lying at one corner of the room. Because of my good friend, the Rockbells, I loan a favor to provide myself with mechanical limbs or commonly known as "auto-mails".

I need to set things right! I must search for the Philosopher's Stone and regain our normal bodies back... I am hot-headed and impulsive, and amazingly skilled in fighting with combat. I was officially a state alchemist at the age of 12. And was given a second name of "Full Metal Alchemist" by the fuhrer Bradley, a fitting name for the automail-clad alchemist.

(ending of the series) Don't worry, Al... We'll be together soon!!

Refrain from taunting me about my height or anything else that mainly concerns about my size. Call me 'small' and I'll swing you around in wrath while accusing you of calling me a "bean-sprout midget!!" stressed stressed stressed

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I present your drawings! Thank you guys!

This is the very first drawing I received here in gaia. So it's REALLY special to me! I will treasure this forever! Thank you so much, Al~
By: iAlphonse Elric
User Image

Aweeee! A Chibi version of Edward. He's so adorable! THANK YOU!
By: Rose Alchemist Rika
User Image

Yey! A whole compilation of Edward! I shall call it...
"Ed's AWESOME-NESS~!" xD Thanks!
By: Chaos_lonetail

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Woot! Somebody gave me a birthday card present! I love it <33333 Thank you!
By: Jiffers21

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This is AWESOME! An Edo-clay X3 You are so talented, my friend!
By: iFullmetal Ed Elric

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Another tribute to Edward! Thanks a lot!
By: iFullmetal Ed Elric

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Yey! A group pic together with some friends! WOOT!
By: PikaChu Rikachu

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OMG! O_O This is so awesome! Just like a PROFESSIONAL!!
Thank you so much, twinie! <3
By: ll Edward EIric ll

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Edo is shuuuuuu kawaii~ >w< Thank you so much! <3
By: Kyoku_Asumare

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My classmate made this for me. So cool!! Thank you! <3
By: buLalo666

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Aweeeeeeee! It's chibi Ed and Winry! <3 I love it!!! Thank you so much!
By: ayashi32692
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I got a Christmas present today biggrin And I love it shuu much! Thank you!
By: Jiffers21
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Deidara-niichan Report | 12/25/2013 4:01 am
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Merry Christmas

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Snowflakes are falling
holidays are here,we get together
It's the best time of the year
Wishes come true,upon a star
No matter where you are!!
It's a little magic.
A winter wonderland

I see it, believe it
I get a feeling like nothing is impossible.
A Christmas,for me and you
dreams can come true
It's a little magic,some kind wonderful
When I'm with you

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II GreedTheAvaricious II Report | 08/27/2013 11:47 am
II GreedTheAvaricious II
Hello :3 loooooooooooooooooooooooong very looooooooooooooooooooooong loooong time no see :"D
Iceyoosei Report | 07/08/2013 2:15 pm
*hugs bit tight*
gothic amai Report | 07/05/2013 6:13 am
gothic amai
noooo you need to drink milk xD
*gives you a glass of milk
oOFuniPuniOo Report | 07/02/2013 10:31 pm
basi ari di sa akon, eh pangita.on ko bla
oOFuniPuniOo Report | 07/02/2013 9:57 pm
hahahaha dumduman ko na! ga pasa pasa lng ta yah ka papel1 hahaha
oOFuniPuniOo Report | 07/02/2013 9:37 pm
wala gd eh~! i had to go to a internet station XD
oOFuniPuniOo Report | 07/02/2013 9:29 pm
XD i just realized, we were that bored sng highschool XD
oOFuniPuniOo Report | 07/02/2013 8:27 pm


gothic amai Report | 07/01/2013 9:36 pm
gothic amai
*gave mochi milk to drink xD
want some milk too Ed? c:


[b:f195fe9a67][img:f195fe9a67] drawings/Edward-and-Winry-Signature-shorten0.gif[/img:f195fe9a67]
Made by me >D
I love you, Winry![/size:f195fe9a67]
[img:f195fe9a67] about Edward/edo.gif[/img:f195fe9a67]
Courtesy of Snowflake.
Want one? Visit her shop:[/color:f195fe9a67][/align:f195fe9a67][/b:f195fe9a67]


The REAL Me. . .

I think now is time for everyone to know who I really am, don't you think?

Name: Faye Shenelle Yu
Nickname: Shen
Age: 18
Birthday: May 3, 1992
Zodiac: Taurus
School: Tiong San (high school); St. Paul (college)
Country: Philippines
Gender: Female
Hobbies: drawing, watching mindless anime, surfing the web, roller skating, playing the piano and guitar, listening to j-pop
Random facts:
* Never call me by my first name!
* I'm bisexual
* Roaches scare the living daylights out of me
* Has officially become a yaoi fan
* I prefer being in school any day

Yeah, that's right! I'm a girl using a male fictional character. And I'd better not hear anyone complaining about that. . . Or else twisted

Ed's Awesome-ness

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Francine Thea
tsUbamE o14
Messy mich
W i n r y R o c k b e l l
W i n r y R o c k b e l l




That palm tree
reminds me of
ENVY, hahaha!





I would say this would be the BEST ever! Since it came from my lil bro. Thank you so much, Al!

Love bug!! <3