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Holy Ariel Report | 12/15/2020 1:33 am
Holy Ariel
It can't be helped. As long people can't work, they can't really escape from the billings piling up nor feed themselves. sweatdrop
Holy Ariel Report | 12/14/2020 6:25 am
Holy Ariel
You have a lot of jobs, At this rate you will have a money bin 3nodding
November? You mean like next year? That's good you didn't get covid, I don't think you ever will get covid with the type of job you have currently.
I'm honestly stress out. More lockdowns and restrictions and I can't leave home either
Holy Ariel Report | 12/07/2020 3:38 am
Holy Ariel
Edo I haven't heard from you. I hope things are okay there gonk
Drenix Report | 12/06/2020 2:24 pm
Happy late Birthday -hugs- sorry I missed it. Yeah I don't mind the mask either, kinda comfortable too, although mine has the strings to tie on the back of my head instead of the elastic thing around the ear, it does get troublesome with my glasses cos it get them foggy. I honestly don't really use social media, I only keep my facebook to talk with like 10% of the probably 50 or so people I ever added and don't have anywhere else, no twitter either cos someone stole the handle i would want, same with reddit.
Drenix Report | 12/04/2020 11:10 pm
Yeah, I'm ok, tho ever since early November I been getting withdrawn in myself again, but, is that time of the year again anyways, got some bad personal news along that time that didnt help, but so far me and my dad are ok, I'm still working from home, I could go back to the office but, meh, I'll get bored either way and if I'm needed, I'm 5-10 minutes away. Small-ish city. Saddly it's been about a month since we finally got a point where no weekly D&D, so sundays are sundays again -sigh- not a fan of the day.

One thing I must confess, and I'm well aware this is a very selfish thought, but there is one huge silver lining to this pandemic (that I should add, have not really reached this place yet, I worry for when it does and people are too used to "nothing happening): there are billboards around the city, that now have stuff like a family with masks and slogans reminding people to wear masks, keep social distancing etc.
Those billboards had some shitty propaganda, with portraits of the emperor of Formosa, the governor who's been in power for the past 26 years already and I am glad, for the time being, not having to see his stupid face everywhere.

Anyway, sorry for that rant there, I hope you and your family continue being well and wish you all the best -hugs- heart I'll still be here, occasionally, you know how I tend to go dormant for a while till I resurface and repeat the cycle
Pixitella Report | 11/23/2020 10:30 am
Happy Birthday Edo!
Drenix Report | 11/01/2020 1:18 am
Happy Halloween -hugs-
PompeiiO Report | 10/23/2020 7:18 pm
Nice avi!
Drenix Report | 07/10/2020 7:38 pm
Yeah, it also kinda helps me practice my spoken english that's still messy-ish, writen is fine, but different accent takes me a bit to get what they said right away.
We got a few special rules for my character, given that is a construct, and many healing spells are racist with that "It doesnt work in undead or constructs" added at the bottom, so, aside from anything that doesnt say otherwise, he cant really heal in combat, but outside, can use "Mending" to "repair itself", this has 1 minute casting, so not possible in combat (unless you wanna sit for 10 rounds).

I wish they would make it so that in general, we can work from home a day or two (every couple week maybe?), at least over here. They sent me a work mail regarding us working in three groups of X people for different areas: one week one group, the next another, and so on. They went back on that and we keep working from home... the first two times I went to the office cos they informed the office via whatsapp that we just keep working from home >.> (I dont use whatsapp, app saw use once every blue moon nowadays)
Drenix Report | 07/08/2020 5:38 am
Yeah, we managed so far to keep it on a weekly basis, with only once cancelled with enough time for someone to come up with a one shot, and another on short notice. We unfortunately lost two people due to them moving and having to reorganize their schedulle (party had 9 members, currently 7).

Yeah, that's also the usual thing down here, but I know it's going to be expensive, since my currency is shite right now, last I check it was 1USD = 70ARS, so I'll make sure to make something that last me couple of years before I need to actually check a game's minimum and recommended requirement again.