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About case closed

season 1

The criminal mind is a twisted one and Jimmy Kudo knows the shady corridors of humanity like no other detective in the business. he's put more scum behind bars then just about anyone on the beat and his skill have earned him plenty of enemies, and he pays the price one dark night... Being poisoned and left for dead.

But rather then meeting his end in a shallow grave, Jimmy gets a new beginning. Awakening to find himself transformed, the evil elixir of his faceless foes has change him into a smfectall boy The perfect cover! Utilizing his unlikely new persona and cutting edge technology, Jimmy is hot on the trail of his assailants as Conan Edogawa.

The path to justice will be littered and with cruelty and madness, the worstof man on display as this sleuth cuts through the underworld in search of answers, soliving one sick crime at a time. truth is not open to interpretation. There's no room for error when life and limb are on the line. A detective like no other, Conan is on the case!

book 1
Precocious high school student Jimmy Kudo uses his keen powers of observation and astute intuition to solve mysteries that left law enforcment officials baffled.
Hot on the trail of a suspect, Jimmy is accosted from behind and fed a strange chemical which physically transforms him into a grade schooler! Taking on the pseudonym Conan Edogawa, he attempts to track down the people who did this to him. but until he
finds a cure for his bizarre condition, Jimmy continues to help the police solve their toughest cases.

Can you crack the case before Conan doses?

book 2
Conan must cintend with the murder of men who burns to death while the prime suspect has the perfect alibi: he helps a seemingly girl look for her father; and he still has time to explore a haunted house with some of his new friend from elementary school!

All the clues are there-----
can you piece them together and slove these baffling cases before Conan does?

Conan Edogawa:
After being discovered snooping around the shady business of a pair of criminals, Jimmy Kudo is given an experimental drug that transforms the teen sleuth to childhood size! Luckily Jimmy retained his intelligence and panache for solving the most difficult of crimes. Not wanting to reveal his true identity, Jimmy adopts the name Conan in honor of the creator of his hero, Sherlock Holmes. As Conan this pint sized detective is able to gather clues that the police and Detective Richard Moore, the bumbling P.I. Conan lives with, are unable to see. Although Conan takes great pleasure in solving crimes, he yearns to uncover the clues behind the "Men in Black" that forced him to take the experimental drug that forever changed his life.

Jimmy Kudo:
Jimmy Kudo is widely regarded as one of the top detectives in the land..and he is only in high school! The police often solicit his services, albeit sometimes unwillingly, in their efforts to solve difficult cases. Despite his age, Jimmy gets results, and his confidence is clearly evident. Jimmy is a top athlete as well, often relying on his physical abilities to apprehend a crook. His father is a famous writer of detective novels, a fact that is inseparable from his career choice and his choice of personal hero, the one and only Sherlock Holmes.

Rachel Moore:
After Jimmy's mysterious disappearance, the happy go lucky girl decides to help take care of the young stranger, Conan, who claims to be a distant relative of the lost Jimmy. Rachel is fearless in the face of danger and always willing to lend a helping hand in the detective work of her father, Richard. She keeps a close eye on Conan in the hopes of keeping him out of trouble and because she sees many of Jimmy's traits in the young boy. Just as with Jimmy, Rachel is never shy about putting Conan in his place because of his age as well as scolding her father for his lazy habits. She is also a student of martial arts, a skill that helps keep her out of many jams.

Richard Moore:
Richard Moore was one of the many unfortunate detectives lost in the shuffle due to Jimmy's unparalleled success as a crime-solver. But perhaps no one has profited more from Jimmy's disappearance than Richard. With Conan tagging along Richard's services are regularly called upon in the most difficult and high profile criminal investigations. And because Conan is not taken seriously because of his being a child, Richard gets the credit for solving the cases. Richard is quick to jump to conclusions, a trait that seems to go against being a top-notch detective. However, Richard is an experienced detective. He just somehow can't seem to uncover the final piece of the puzzle.

Like George, the brainy Mitch feels very deeply about Amy and would stop at nothing to protect her. Mitch likes to look at things rationally and scientifically, something that he feels is very important in becoming a top detective.

Amy is the wide-eyed young lady who pals around with Conan and the Junior Detective League. She feels a strange connection to Conan and feels they are destined to be together, much to the discomfort and surprise of the out of place high-schooler. Despite her fragile appearance Amy is not afraid to investigate the most dangerous mysteries, but her bravery tends to fade when all hope seems lost.

Perhaps the only thing bigger than George's self confidence is his enormous appetite. Always bold in the face of danger…especially if Amy is threatened...George will never hesitate to help a friend in need. After all he is, according to himself, their best chance of survival. George is loud-mouthed and confident, and the self-proclaimed leader of the Junior Detective League.

Dr. Agasa:
Jimmy's neighbor, Dr. Agasa is a kind old scientist and inventor who often has his top secret experiments blow up in his face. After Conan convinces him to keep quiet about his bizarre situation, Agasa agrees to invent various devices that will help Conan solve crimes and hopefully apprehend the mysterious men who caused his unfortunate transformation. Although scatter brained, Dr. Agasa is kind, helpful, and sincere. The only question is whether or not he will be able to keep Conan's secret.

Inspector Meguire:
One of the Chief Inspectors of the police department, Meguire is often called upon to conduct the investigations of the various crimes committed around the city. He often relied upon Jimmy's help in the past, but ironically considers many of Conan's suggestions to be the ramblings of an overactive imagination. However, Meguire is a very competent officer, often uncovering clues that Conan and Richard miss.

Serena Sebastian:
Serena is one of Rachel's best friends and the second daughter of a wealthy and powerful businessman. Serena is spoiled and loves to chase cute boys, but she is good-hearted and a very loyal friend to Rachel. Conan sometimes uses Serena to solve cases when Richard isn't around as she, like Richard, is vain enough not to question her subconscious deductions.

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