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Nickname: Edea Sorceress
DOB: May 29th
Location: South East Asia - Vietnam
Language spoken: Vietnamese; English <Not very good at it though x"P>

Interests: Anime/Manga
Favourite anime: Jigoku Shoujo/Rozen Maiden
Favourite manga: Rave Master/Gakuen Alice
Favourite character: Ai Enma/Raven
Favourite band of musician: Linkin Park
Favourite singer: Kat Deluna/Rhianna
Favourite song:
Favourite game: FFVIII/Klonoa Series

Status: D'x
Watching: None
Reading: The World God Only Knows - Naruto - Gakuen Alice
Listening: None
Playing: None

Hell Correspondence

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Kailzee Report | 05/28/2010 7:48 am
No pouting. :c
The items on it are all 200k or above anyways. o.e;
Kailzee Report | 05/27/2010 12:14 pm
I don't really have a wishlist on this account. xD;;
Kailzee Report | 05/27/2010 9:32 am
Wait... what did I do? D:
Blaze Of Ice Report | 04/08/2010 10:15 am
Blaze Of Ice
A lot of my teachers don't believe in learning things by heart... because you're just memorizing, not learning as one teacher put. .o.
Besides with the work I do, we have to do a lot of research, and the research would be considered us learning new things. o3o
Blaze Of Ice Report | 04/08/2010 9:29 am
Blaze Of Ice
I didn't either... but they do for colleges. o.O
Honestly, I don't think they care too much...
Most of my teachers say you should use the book while taking the exams...
And for the ones I actually sat in class for they did the same. xD;
So it's not really cheating if the teachers allow it. o3o
You just have to site where you got the information from.
Blaze Of Ice Report | 04/07/2010 9:09 am
Blaze Of Ice
I was. >> lol
I take online classes, so I get a week to do my exam, and I end up coming online and chatting while working on it. xD
Blaze Of Ice Report | 04/06/2010 10:06 am
Blaze Of Ice
Yeah, I had been working on an exam. XD

Lol! XD Yeah, I can't study either without getting distracted... which is why I never study. xD
Blaze Of Ice Report | 04/05/2010 9:06 am
Blaze Of Ice
I don't blame you. x.x;
Lol xD
I'm going to try finishing my exam before I check ernya... 1 more question left. D:

Yeah. ><;; But you could still end up doing better, you never know.
Aww. xD; Try studying before the contest this time? O:
Gothmol Report | 04/05/2010 6:37 am
Aw!!! *hugs much* It's okay, i love baking and cooking. And I'm so sorry!! I hope you end up doing better than you thought!!
Gothmol Report | 04/04/2010 3:37 pm
I went to my great-uncle's (grandmother's brother) for an easter lunch. I made lemon cupcakes and strawberry bread!! i put the pic online. lol... how was your day?