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Kurikurikara Report | 09/09/2008 5:17 pm
No you're doing it wrong! User Image

/b/ has been full of fail, aids, and ******** trolls

However, Gaia is full of awesome and win!

Oh and about the "******** weeaboos" thing... you're one too as long as you have a profile here... User Image
Sun Rider II Report | 07/10/2008 12:49 am
Sun Rider II
I love Art Brut User Image
Serena_Mudou Report | 10/09/2007 11:55 am
.....User ImageUser ImageUser Image.....

haven't talked to you in a while, how've you been?

.....User ImageUser ImageUser Image.....
Psychedelic Grooves Report | 09/01/2007 2:33 am
Psychedelic Grooves
Blood Brothers FTW.
Quit Wasting My Air Report | 07/15/2007 1:01 am
Quit Wasting My Air
Im quite a large Radiohead fan myself User Image
Oceangirlmyka Report | 07/12/2007 11:17 am
I'm really not limited to the music on my profile. I listen to pretty much everything. Those are just my favorites.

p.s. Thanks for the comment
minty pls Report | 07/09/2007 10:26 pm
minty pls
thank you User Image

Feistel Jaeger Report | 04/10/2007 9:42 pm
Feistel Jaeger
Proof that Truan fails at trolling.

This user left Gaia many months ago.
Truan Report | 09/01/2006 7:42 pm
haha, even if I was emo, I'd never stoop as low as to listen to that.
Truan Report | 08/31/2006 4:47 pm
*cut cut*

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