About me

    Profile Coding by me. Media belongs to its respective owners.

    What is beautiful is not this world, but rather
    the way in which your eyes see it.
    That is what's truly beautiful.


    My profile hides a picture of me.
    Curious? Flaunt your seeking skills.
    Oh where could it be?
    ¡Trap warning!


    Curiosity killed


    What's there to say? There isn't much to know.
    Shyness and solitude describe me best.
    Years ago you'd of been lucky to hear a word out of me.
    Nowadays, I'll mumble a few.

    Am I a troubled? There are tears.
    Rough times a few.
    Suicide considered.
    The end desired.

    Not very interesting am I? I'd of thought you'd tire by now.
    Outgoing and adventurous I'm not. Home is where I stay.

    What more is there? Let's see...
    I'm fond of video games, cartoons, and anime.

    A heart? Yes, I've had one of those.
    It's in the trash now as it's where broken objects go.

    Would you like to know more? What a nosy one you are.
    Ask and you might receive.



Marasphyr on 03/01/2021
stonrr on 11/13/2020
C h i k a r i B e a n on 10/29/2020
Ganjafari on 08/16/2020
Caribous on 08/02/2020
I Megula I on 05/23/2020
MoreOrLessDead on 12/26/2019
Pommes Frites on 12/16/2019


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Caribous Report | 09/14/2016 9:46 pm
im a stalker not a talker
C h i k a r i B e a n Report | 07/20/2016 4:46 pm
No problem :3
seaweed bucket Report | 07/10/2016 1:03 pm
Oh that looks perfect smile
!!!!!!can you add the same thing with giving you credits for making it hover around on the corner
seaweed bucket Report | 07/08/2016 11:58 pm

Something if not exactly like this, except instead no forums tabs.
But the background is a youtube video. I wanted to colors to be toxic green and black theme. I hope that helps a bit ?
seaweed bucket Report | 06/25/2016 3:16 am
Sorry i havent been on gaia much,
but something like your profile where the hovers are on the side and in the center or background would be the media like say a youtube video .
I dont have a reference for it at the moment but if i see one i will let you know.
C h i k a r i B e a n Report | 05/27/2016 5:24 pm
Ok. Thanks for your help anyway 3nodding
If anything comes to mind, could you send me a msg? Any news is good news.
Also, I'm gifting away my inventory. Is there anything you're questing? :3
seaweed bucket Report | 05/16/2016 11:33 am
Hey there, do you think i can commission you for another profile update ? ^ . ^
C h i k a r i B e a n Report | 04/18/2016 1:02 am
Aw, man surprised
Thanks for responding, nonetheless, I didn't know if any of her old friends would reply.
I know her first name, but did she ever share her last? Maybe I could look her up via Facebook
0rphelia Report | 04/05/2016 9:59 pm
you sure did biggrin
0rphelia Report | 04/04/2016 11:47 pm
Thank you, I am working on it. smile