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Echo Of The Moon Report | 10/22/2007 11:18 pm
Echo Of The Moon
My House: 9 Barton 001769 #19 (top left corner)
rahns Report | 05/18/2007 9:36 am
you left one for me im sure so now i leave one for you nice page and i love the forest scene XD
Echo Of The Moon Report | 04/09/2007 2:18 am
Echo Of The Moon
Name: echo
Age: apeers around 16-18
Race: Kitsune(fox)-human / Fallen Angel
Appearence: Dark tan skin (like an iland girl) long black hair that rests just past the sholders, bright blue eyes. grey-ish/silver fox ears based on the upper sides of the head, each ear stands completly upright and stick out about 8 inches, with a maching tail that is simi puffy and is about as long as half of her hight. Large grey piggion like wings (lots of shades of grey white and black mushed together) each wing a big as her own hight, but when pulled back and covered and almost invisable to see...
she is normaly dressed in a red ckocktail type dress, then wraped with a long black hodded cape that covers her wings perfectly but not her long tail... and she normaly is bearfoot unless it is required for her to wear footwear, then she wears simple but shiny black sandles...
bio: banded form heaven without even having a say in the maner... as she was born fallen... bolth her parpents, one a killer, the other a lover, a 'forced romance' on her fathers part is what brought her into this sad world... without hope for the afterlife she doens't always care what happens in this one... she has been known to aid vampires and demons in thier quests of darkness.....
Echo Of The Moon Report | 04/02/2007 12:08 am
Echo Of The Moon
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TopoWellwinger Report | 10/20/2006 10:48 pm
Waii.. It's Echo's profile.. Nice. Anyways, if you still remember me, I lost your house address. If it's not too much, can you give it to me via PM..? Thanks..

Echo Of The Moon Report | 07/16/2006 2:33 am
Echo Of The Moon
weee! new profile!
Sir Anubis Report | 03/13/2006 2:57 am
Sir Anubis
meow meow meow




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Echo Of The Moon
Echo Of The Moon