Profiles are not the best to find out what's someone's all about. I could've advertised a cute pic of me, said my name, age, location, etc.
If that's what you're looking for, leave this page now. Just send me a PM or leave a comment 'n see how I'll reply back.

...Yup. There's my introduction.
Now that you're here, I might as well give you something to read:
P.S. - I'll try to upload a new song every week. ^ - ^

A Pinch about me:

Will start my 3rd year of college soon:
Studying Psychology.
Haven't a clue on what I wanna do with it.
I feel the growing responsibility
but my level of maturity
is... the same?
Well I adore PMs, but I can't promise
that I'll reply back soon.


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Report | 05/24/2015 10:14 pm


I wish my patience would stop being tested and that someone would just buckle down and teach me how to drive. It's weird because everyone keeps telling me to learn how to drive and here I am like I would love to but someone has to teach me. I don't think they have the right to complain anymore especially when none of the people complaining about me not driving are trying to teach me anything. I think it's a running joke in my house that I can't drive. Every time my dads truck needs to be moved he says to me Kia go move my truck. And I have to point out to him that he has taught me nothing about driving. It's annoying to have to keep saying it. I mean I went to driving school. I have passed the permit test a bunch of times and still can't drive.

You should be proud to be with someone for so long. I know when I finally made it to a comfortable place with my bf it was very exciting and made me happy. I mean I never really had such a solid lasting relationship and I wanted to tell everyone about it. Now I am all like meh. I debate on taking pictures when I am with him and in the end never do because I am all meh and he is all meh. lol I think it is natural when you have been together for so long to think about the future. I mean not within the 1st week of dating that's just kinda creepy. lol But after awhile then it's natural to think about the future I think.

Sadly I don't really know anymore if me and my bf have a future anymore. I used to be able to see our future really clearly but so many things have happened that just clouded the vision I once had for my life. If our relationship does not work out I am probably gonna become a lonely old spinster who has nothing but her dogs to comfort her. lol I don't particularly like cats so it's dogs for me. rofl

Report | 05/16/2015 11:36 pm


Hmm I dunno I think that pretty man could have been useful for a few things. I said he is the physical type I go for. But he is not all that into anime like I am but we did enjoy watching horror movies together and we both talk football. We still talk about football but after a while I am sure we would run out of things to have said to each other. Honestly I can say I have never been in this situation. I dunno what it is but when I am in a relationship and I have these feelings of love for 1 person they don't fade easily. So it would take a whole lot for me to leave someone for another. Like the only time I think I ever came close to something like that was when I was like a sophomore in college and working at panera. I had this serious chemistry with one of the guys who made sandwiches and also went to my school but was like a year or two ahead of me. My relationship with my bf was still very new then and this guy I worked with was tall,cute,made me laugh and he was a Ravens fan lol. He was also a redhead and one of my female co-worker friends was like I wouldn't be surprised if you two were dating by the time I came back from vacation. lol I dunno what she was reading but I don't really think he saw me that way even though I saw him that way. sweatdrop *shrugs* so now it just is what it is. lol

I am not ashamed of this but I can't drive either. Between managing my illnesses and my family's inability to find time to teach me to drive I just haven't learned yet. I have been to driving school twice. Passed twice. Did my learner permit test a grand total of 3 times and still no one is hopping up to teach me. But then no one has a car they want to teach me in. My mom drives a BMW,dad just got a new Nissan Rogue and my Sister inherited my dads Maxima when her Altima broke down last Christmas. So I am S.O.L. My mother told me that once my brother gets through driving school she would rent a car every weekend so someone could teach us to drive but she only just said this last week. Like c'mon man!!. My Gma said she would have my great uncle Mike teach me in her car because he taught her but now my learner has expired and I have to do that test over again. -_- It's no biggie since I know like all the answers last time I got 100. The first 2 times I got 90's so I am good as far as the permit test is concerned.

Report | 05/09/2015 9:51 pm


Yeah I have always believed in just dating 1 person at a time. I think that dating multiple people all at once is too damn hard. lol Dealing with my 1 bf is tough enough no need to complicate things with side pieces.Though there was that 1 time when my bf and I broke up and I met the most handsome man who had every shallow quality I had ever dreamed about. I mean the man was perfectly built finer than fine lol. Still with all of those qualities I still felt like starting something with him would have been cheating on my bf. gonk 21...wow Hope you have fun celebrating that birthday it is 1 of the milestone birthdays. lol I am turning 26 this year. Wow I feel so old claiming that. xp But I am thankful for every year I get at this point. A few years ago I did not think I would make it this far. I have never really listened to much jazz but I do love the sound a sax makes. It's so soothing and sexy. lol I know in Uta no Prince Sama they have a character who plays the sax and that fact alone made him my favorite character. rofl

Report | 05/06/2015 6:15 pm


Congrats on that hun! At this point in time I have no idea how long I have been with my bf. He is still in the airforce still living in florida on base but since he has been at this base for 3 years now he can finally move off base. He wants to move soon and he wants me to visit when he does for like a week or two. He is supposed to be trying to come home in July so we can go to this Anime Convention together. It would be his 1st time and my third but it's something I want to do as a couple. I hope he gets the leave he hasn't been home in a year and I miss him. And he promised to teach me how to drive. sweatdrop

Report | 05/04/2015 10:35 pm


Lol Yeah I have been getting on more often now. Came back from hiatus decided to be more active. Nothing is really going on with me just posting some responses. How have you been and what's up? whee

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Sure smile

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Kazuto Mikuri

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Kazuto Mikuri

Kazuto Mikuri

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Kazuto Mikuri

yeah how you been?


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