Hey! I'm Yesenia, and I can
be a tad bit old fashioned. Vintage is a sweet passion
of mine. I'd like to say that I'm dynamic and is always looking
to reform myself into a better person. I don't do much talking these days but a message would most definitely make my day.
I'm sentimental for alot, and can be a real sucker for a sad movie.
You'll catch me being the person grasping your arm crying or screaming. Optimism will always be a friend and an enemy of mine
cause it can be very refreshing or naive. My life is obscene, along with the little people that are in it. Truth is the best policy so lets always remember that mkay? I just realized how irrelevant each sentance is after the other... yeah but where can you find me?

Ask me everything and anything.


(retarded user name but it's five years old!)