Welcome to my Profile.
I'm Earthenia but you can call me Athenia.

I'm new to Gaia but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.
Luckly I've had a lot of nice people helping me out.


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Your avatar is nice.
My favorite colors together are red and black. However I do have some weight and black items and some decently priced outfits.
Thank you for adding me to be your friend.
If you havent been to my profile yet my name is Lydia. Most people on here call me Hells. I like Animals, Anime, Cars and motorcycles but I lost the ability to drive them both but I still like motorized vehicles). I like to draw and make music videos. Im in a half recovery mode. I got hit on my motorcycle going 55mph and Im happy to say in alive. However Im undergoing multiple back surgeries. But Im ok with that because Im alive. Im happily married and I have 3 beautiful cats LoL Im sure you thought I was going to say kids). LoL no kids for me at this time Im still young and well at this point in like I couldnt even if I wanted too.
So I said a bit about myself. Do you have any hobbies, favorite colors, boyfriend/girlfriend/crush/ lover?
Im willing to answer any questions. I must say Im honest and thats my double edge sword in my personality.


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