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About Me:

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Hello Gaia!
This is Earthe. Here are a few little details about myself:

I love to write. I especially enjoy literate roleplaying in the one and only The Literate Roleplay Guild. Right now, I'm loving the crazy, eloquent minds of the wonderful people in the thread Metamorphosis. Though I can go to town on the RP forums, I also love to write screenplays, prose, poetry; just about anything.
I enjoy being around people and making people laugh. I also, however, enjoy quiet time by myself. I can spend hours alone without getting bored or lonely. I can talk for hours or just sit in silence reading for the same amount of time.
My best friend is the tek-tek god Serial Thriller, and we've known each other since we were 6.


Things I Like:
Writing :: Acting :: Singing :: Dancing :: Drawing :: Reading :: Language :: Religion :: Mythology :: History :: Politics :: Psychology

My Music
Alternative Rock :: Folk :: Acoustic :: R&B :: Jazz :: Classical :: Franz Ferdinand :: Death Cab for Cutie :: The Shins :: Keane :: The Decemberists :: Modest Mouse :: Regina Spektor :: The Beatles :: The Chieftains :: Arcade Fire :: The Killers :: Andrew Bird :: Imogen Heap :: Mika :: Beck :: Copland :: Saint-Saens :: Gershwin

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Lost :: Project Runway :: ANTM :: Heroes :: Monty Python's Flying Circus

My Books
Grapes of Wrath :: To Kill a Mockingbird :: Harry Potter :: Shakespeare :: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime :: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close :: Night :: The Lord of the Rings :: Catch 22 :: 1984 :: The Abhorsen Trilogy :: Eva Luna :: The Lovely Bones :: His Dark Materials :: The Amulet of Samarkand :: Twilight

My Food
Jumbota :: Chocolate :: Oil-popped popcorn :: Spaghetti :: Tilapia :: Catfish :: Spinach :: Garlic (on things) :: Pizza :: Frozen lemonade :: Chocolate frosting :: Salt and vinegar potato chips :: Diet Coke :: San Pellegrino :: Fresh bread :: Whipped honey

Much love,

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When you wish upon a star...

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xgothicxchikx Report | 10/03/2014 6:29 pm
omg finally someone from my long lost past! Just saw a status update who knows how long ago i could probably look but i was way too excited lol rofl
Tsavich Report | 02/02/2009 5:18 am
Ooo I will have to read that, it looks very interesting. : D
Tsavich Report | 01/31/2009 6:18 pm
You're welcome. : D

Vonnegut is my favorito author. I am currently reading Breakfast of Champions.

It's pretty darn good.

and books you could recommend to me.
Tsavich Report | 01/30/2009 9:20 pm
1984 and The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime, are fantastic books.

If you haven't read them, I suggest you read Slaughterhouse Five, and Fahrenheit 451.
wylie dufresne Report | 09/25/2008 2:23 pm
wylie dufresne
haha, nice

I'm going to try and beat

all the campaigns on my monk,

3 to go ;P

and then I want to beat all the

elite missions, those give statues

wylie dufresne Report | 09/25/2008 2:20 pm
wylie dufresne
That's good (:

I wanna get my Hall Of Monuments

stocked up so I get some cool stuff

in GW2
wylie dufresne Report | 09/25/2008 1:57 pm
wylie dufresne
Been a while!

I'm starting to get into

Guild Wars again

How have you been?

How's school?

User Image
wylie dufresne Report | 07/10/2008 7:05 pm
wylie dufresne

wylie dufresne Report | 07/09/2008 6:17 pm
wylie dufresne
Will do User Image I love how

you can meet people

in a game, and talk without

worrying about anything
wylie dufresne Report | 07/09/2008 9:55 am
wylie dufresne

take your word

for it DD;
Serial Thriller

I may not be here very very often, but say hello!

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