A few things about moi

-I'm Male-
-I'm 22 years old which on Gaia seems ancient-
-I like to cosplay-
-I like traditional English Punk Music as well as J-rock-
-I love Anime especially Loveless and kaikan phrase-
-I was brought up a catholic yet I am Bisexual and agnostic-
-I love to roleplay dark manipulative characters as well as short, hyper little chipmunks who are so loveable awww-
-I have a myspace. Want to know it ask-
-This was my friends account but he doesn't use it and lets me use it-
-My Computer is terrible and won't let me sign up for anything-
-I swear worse then a Sailor-
-I smoke and drink. I tried to quit but i'm weak-
-I like kids.-
-I love to joke-
-I'm an anarchist-
-I'm anti-society-
-I like to draw as does most people now damn scenesters-
-I love Big Brother-
-I'm in a band-
-I hate prejudice people-
-I like to dance-
-I often go to clubs-
-I like taking the p*** out of people including myself-
-I love people hating me-
-I live on my own-
-I'm not a pervert although it feels like it when I roleplay with teenagers-
-I can be quite immature-
-My best friend is a girl five years younger then me-
-My other best friend is three years older then me-
-I have no idea what else to say!-
-I'm just going to waste more space-
-yep more and more space-


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Little Me!

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A journal of all the things that interest me, about me and of course showing off my friends photography work



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Report | 02/20/2009 2:22 am


hey KeYruLE xD how are you

Report | 09/11/2006 12:55 pm


lol, no you werent roon and no you don't know me... i was bored and loking around saw ur pro read it and u sounded cool so i added you... and coinsadentaly i have short term memory loss ^^ yay for not being able to....remember.... stuff....well.... or is it good...w ait what............. OH A COOKIE! *eats* MINE!! ^_^ i make no sence

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nice profile!!! i love your multimedia heart

Report | 09/07/2006 8:09 am


nice avatar
Priestess Setphia

Report | 05/11/2006 6:51 pm

Priestess Setphia

Well, I'm official back into the roleplaying groove. ^^; Sorry for the short hiatus, school's kept me busy until recently. I'll have the reply sent tomorrow, as soon as I get out of school.

Report | 05/04/2006 4:54 am


omg! i love Gravitation! heart <3 Yuki is my man!
Le Comte de Monte Cristo

Report | 05/02/2006 10:22 am

Le Comte de Monte Cristo

********, mate, sorry to hear about the friend. Best wishes to both of you. <3
Priestess Setphia

Report | 04/28/2006 8:27 pm

Priestess Setphia

Gah. So sorry that my replies to the roleplay are taking so long. But, unfortunately, I've gotten myself grounded. ^^; In fact, I've been sneaking on for the past two days but my visits have been so brief that I haven't been able to reply to anything. Anyway, this is just a heads up that I haven't died, simply got on my parents' nerves. xD I think my restriction ends on Sunday, but I'll try my best to get a post in before then.

Report | 04/19/2006 7:56 am


oh, or not. lol

Report | 04/19/2006 7:55 am


oh, or not. lol


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