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Dystopian Lord Ungodly

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Birthday: 01/20/1998


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My RPCs Named: Caius Limbus

My RPCs Role:Celestial Cyborg With Dual performance Abilities
My RPC is the Celestial Cyborg his body is made of Carbon Black Painted Tungsten. He is powered by the Cybernetic network he produced himself (resides on the opposite side of reality). Caius is a Human AI advanced Robot that mocks humanity and was made for his sole purpose as a defense project for a war involving; Error Programs made to be real creatures. Currently I am the only survivor known to all races. I have very unique characteristics. My Intelligence and Comprehension speeds are that of 4 supercomputers combined. I'm able to seek the world in slow motion if i so wish to do so. I'm not a god I'm a Machine created by humans to destroy others if so called for. I am a hired assassin if you want to call it. My body is virtually indestructible at nightfall. I have the power to bring the human sun down on itself forming its black hole early. I can destroy planets and stars and devour them. Alongside that I can speak over 45 Languages in a digital tone, Including my own personal language to communicate with Cyberspace.

Main Powers

Body of vast celestial cybernetic weaponry.

The Intelligence of an imaginary Hyper-advanced Supercomputer.

The body of my armor is invisible until striked upon.

Body celestial conversion (My body goes Completely celestial is pure indestructible by explosives and physical attacks.) Celestial form can take changes into a object I think of. Eg. A sword arm,a cannon, etc.

Can Divert your vision by using clones to attack you.

Celestial Attack M74-10 : Summons a Black hole to bring everything around us besides my opponent and bystanders and I, into it. Leaving nothing but pure space. My celestial form becomes powered up and can obliterate body parts on contact with the opposing person.

Speed of sound movement.

Unable to be hacked and or empd as my body is not powered by electronic devices it is all celestial.

Secondary Powers

The speed intelligence to think of counter-strikes faster than normal.

Reversion shot able to corrupt Planet cores.===-Not used- only if in need which is rarely===


Self destruction limited (can self destruct my own body to damage an opponent but spare myself too.)

Conscious transportation (able to transport my conscious to another robot in my arsenal underground. Limited to 4 spare robots-all weaker then current state -)

Infinite strength (due to celestial energy I contain the power to crust the entire world if I punched hard enough into it.)

Color changing to meet my moves needs -passive-

1.) Silent Core State -Centuria-
2.) Uncontrolled Anger Core kernel c45x1
3.) Dystopian Core angered Revision.01 Delta Zx01241
4.) Antimatter Overlord Stage Core Maximus.
5.) Antimatter Overlord Stage Maximus Core Revised Matrix Zone ZX7 Complete
5.) Caius Limbus x Nemesis-Limbus: Maximus Binary:0100001xac00101.
6.) Celestial Annihilation Mode Core Revision: Complete

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Two pics Of Caius him as human and one as robot.
New RPC-100% Complete-

Name: Shensuga Norino
Title as an RPC: Cipher Lorde Necros Incubus Beast of the Eclipse
Powers: Capable of Seducing women, *Darkness Anarchy* the soul of this Cipher Lorde is overly catastrophic once he uses this the whole area goes black and he summons his Entity Shadow Cipher Illusory God of the Night. Shen is not able to be defeated at night as that is his best time to rage.
His Fears: Being in daylight, and His parents.
Background: Shen was a normal boy in highschool but was always bullied and beaten. He one day saw a book about a god that could give him infinite power with a price. The god he prayed to gave him the unfortunate powers of Reaping souls on the day of the eclipse. The god Shen killed during this period was a Cipher Lorde with a twist of heavy darkness Tech. Which, results in his Darkness Chipher Lorde forme. Shen will never be normal again until a woman sees him for his real identity which cant be seen at night and he never sees the light of day on a daily basis. Shen isn't happy with his life and has tried to end it over and over but has failed. He wishes one day he will find the love of his life.

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