Read all about It.
^the profile I posted is a FAKE. report it, spam it, spam it's friends, just get it off Gaia! This is effin creepy and messed up.

The name is Drake. Im unique, im different, im weird. Im whatever you want to call me. mostly im just me. You might like me, you might not. That's not going to hurt my feelings or ruin my day. If you don't like me then thats your problem, dont bring it to gaia. Now dont get me wrong, Im totally effing awesome when you get to know me, but you do have to get to know me first.

Im Gay.
Im a flirt.
Im way too honest.
If you don't like hearing the truth,
then dont talk to me.
I love tattoos & peircings.
I wear strange clothes.
I like strange things.
And I have strange friends, and they're AMAZING.
I dont care what you think of me.
Im really into music. its all about the music.
If you want to know more, then just ask.

My AIM is DyreSpirit.
and my Yahoo is DyreDrake