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Gender: Female

Birthday: 03/07


I got my awesome artwork Here!

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I am a Planeswalker,

A being that walks in between worlds, visiting them at my whims. I have been to many such plains, from the vast City-Scape of Ravnica, to the dark mires of Urgborg and Innistrad. I have seen the days of Lorwyn and the long nights of Shadowmoor. I have even witnessed Alara whole again. I've been to the plains of Hyrule to feel the wind whip across it, and I have fought alongside the brave and honorable soldiers of Vana'Deil. I have seen the eternal calm in Spira and I have wondered the realm of Gaia which I reside and set my base of operations.

I have met many people on my journey's, and I will meet plenty more. Allies will be made and adventures had, but that is the life I have chosen...One in which all possibilities are not only infinite, but accessible to me.

For I am a Planeswalker.


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Saru_the_Chopstick_Ninja Report | 12/24/2014 9:59 pm
Merry Christmas to you my good friend!
Bernie Denem Report | 11/04/2014 11:52 am
Bernie Denem
Thanks for buying whee
StrawberryDetective Report | 05/08/2014 10:31 pm
yw cat_whee
daihsie Report | 12/14/2013 11:35 pm
thanks for selling! hehe~
albonatious Report | 12/12/2013 11:58 am
Thanks for buying you cool looking person you! heart
battle scene Report | 12/11/2013 10:46 pm
battle scene
Lol I'm glad you did too.
battle scene Report | 12/11/2013 10:41 pm
battle scene
I've been waiting all day for someone to sell pinkie pie. You made my night.
Raven Oraeligh Report | 12/11/2013 10:04 pm
Raven Oraeligh
yw ^^
Found Insanity Report | 12/11/2013 3:59 pm
Found Insanity
thanks for the purchase
Tempest Lorelay Report | 11/25/2013 8:37 am
Tempest Lorelay