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Occupation: Freelance Colorist/Freelance Artist

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Hey all- just a little tidbit on me.
I don't frequent Gaia as much as I used to, so I'm not up-to-date on a lot of these new Gaia updates.
I draw- a lot. I'm a freelance comic artist/colorist(more so colorist)- that doesn't mean I'm AWESOME or GREAT at what I do, just that it's what I do.
I welcome friend requests, but only if you're going to provide INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION through PM's FIRST- and if you're patient. Sometimes I won't log onto Gaia for months.
And also, I dislike chain letters and the such. ANYTHING that resembles a chain letter that lands in my inbox will get it's sender BLOCKED/IGNORED by me. I'm not a child- I'm not an immature teen- I'm not AMUSED by these things. If you still think sending a pm to 15 people will INCREASE your chances of "getting laid" or "being rich" or "steer you away from years of bad luck", then perhaps you should unplug your computer and spend a few days out the house in this weird thing called "the real world".

I like a lot of older Japanese animation from the 70's and up into the mid-90's. I don't like a lot of the animation being imported- and I use "Japanese animation" and "Japanese comic" instead of "anime" and "manga". It's a preference thing.

And no, I won't give you gold or help you with your quest unless you're a CLOSE FRIEND OF MINE.


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