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It's 2022, so figured I may as well update this lil' section for all you degenerates who came crawling. Ohhhhh who the ******** am I kidding? Is there anyone out there that really reads the 'About Me' section? I'm just wasting my precious time with this, aren't I? Like, are you really even going to look at this? Like, will you honestly take time out of yer schedule to learn more about the ******** straightest most breedible femslut? YA WON'T! But that's okay. That's fine. Regardless, I gotta see this s**t through.
Sooooooooooo... let's start the shoooooooow~

Name: Why the s**t do you need to know? You a pervert that gets off to knowing someone's name on the interwebs??? Fiiiiiiiiine~ I'll give you a hint. I'm so kind, aren't I? It starts with "M" and ends with "Sarcastic King Papa Deep d**k".

Age: BIG THREE OH You never ask a maiden their age, ********. Yer mama shoulda taught ya better

I'm a dude? I think? I mean, I have boy parts n all. But does that reeeeaaally make me a dude? Oh God, what have I done...? It's 2022 , this joke aged as well as fermented urine in a bottle. Hopefully CeeBee won't cancel me for this.

An emotionally crippled narcissist that may or may not be the manifestation of a woman's selfishness.

Music is my life blood. I can't function in public without it on account of that social anxiety. Then again, can't function at all, socially speaking. How the ******** did I even make it this far? Like, how!?!? Guess not even Death wants to come near me. But that's okay. At least I have uh......um....oh, that's right...I don't have anything or anyone. SIKE, b***h, YOU THOT! I got a whole a** bunny waifu now. AM LIVING THE DREAM NOW, SO PUT THAT IN YER PIPE AND GO ******** YERSELF. Nope, am single again. Ain't anyone surprised right?? Right!?!?

Universally disliked. Mainly due to like, you know, being the bestest kawaii shoujo shounen kun-chan-san-sama there ever was emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira
Oh, that's me telling a big ol' fib. Y'all sluts love me. I mean, how can you not? So c'mere! Give Papa some of that good-good. *licky licky lips*

Used to do that art thing. Still kinda do. But not really. Sloooooowly getting back into it though. Will post links in the near future. Just don't hold yer breath.

Not all that social. Will still probably respond at the least though, since mama ain't raise a mannerless c**t. Though she didn't really raise me. Still though! I'll talk for a bit at least. I'm so desperately alone and need the social interaction to validate my online existence. 'Cause, like, y'know...That's why we're all on gaia in the first place. emo

Addicted to particular shirts, hoodies, basketball shorts, and sweat pants. (One day I'll overcome the winter cold and wear them shorts out in the snow)
My new addiction is iced coffee. Like, have you had it? Not that Dunkin Donut s**t either that tastes like watered down garbage you would drink even if you desperately needed a sip sip of liquid. Wouldn't even let my worst enemy drink that. Well, no, maybe?

Will add you on snapchat or discord if ya ask. Might send a follow on the Twitter and Instagram too. Talking to you on said platform is a different story. Who the ******** am I kidding with this act? No one ******** talks to me. Why do I even do this? Half expecting friendship or even some sort of communication from strangers. God. I'm a ******** joke. Just someone the youth point and laugh at for watching a comedy film all by his lonesome. But that's okay. Someone's anime waifu out there loves me. Or husbando. ******** it. Just gonna steal yer senpai. Make me a senpai harem where they notice me. That'll teach ya.

Honestly, real talk time. Serious face, 'kay?
I'm not interested in anyone on this site based on their avatar, OC, RP character, etc etc. I'd rather get to know you, the REAL you, the person behind the screen/phone/tablet, whatever the ********. So, like, if yer one of those types that don't like letting people on the net know them on a personal level and live in some delusional, RP-land, then, in the kindest way possible, DO NOT ******** TRY TALKING TO ME. And seek immediate mental health. 'Cause holy ********... Yer on the internet living yer anime fantasy. Yikes. Also, to all you K-pop Stans out there. Don't come anywhere near me. Don't even look at me. Yer precious music sounds like someone choking and vomiting at the same time. emotion_yatta
Thoooooooough, chances are I won't like the person behind the screen, so in that case, uh, mmmm.... Try changing yer shitty self? And if I do like ya? Well....hope ya like being spammed memes throughout the night or wee early hours of the morning.

So, um, uh, ********. I forgot what else to put. I never expected to get this far. Like, are you honestly reading this? Did you actually take time from your life to read this nonsense? Wow. How ballsy of you to do so. I'd award you a medal or gold sticker at the very least, but the fact yer here is just depressing in of itself. Go outside. Play in traffic. Be a low functioning member of society. Just get off my anime uwu profile.

Man behind the shitty pixels redface

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You ******** thought I'd show my face? Nah. You gotta pay up to see that

Now, if yer dropping by, even if just to stalk (of course yer stalking. I'm better than your c** stain animu waifu body pillows after all ), leave a damned comment and say something.
Even if it's just s**t post
'Cause if ya doooon't~ I might just show up at yer house and hold up my boom box, blasting some Chumbawumba all day and night<3

But chances are, ya won't. And that's okay. I honestly don't remember if I even have my profile comments turned on. Would be a bit silly to have you waste yer time tying to comment when yer unable to. But heeeeeey, ya should still give it a try. wink

Now, we're at the end of the show. It's been one hell of a brain damaging interesting ride, hasn't it? I suppose I should at least do something nice to anyone who stuck around. My little gift for you magnificent bastards. But how? What would be good enough? Guess I'll share with you my thoughts on Boruto's Dad - The Misadventures.


Naruto was a yaoi series about a fox furry trying to save his tengu daddy from a snake *****]

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