You are here alone again
In your sweet insanity
All too calm, you hide yourself from reality
Do you call it solitude? Do you call it liberty?
When all the world turns away to leave you lonely

The fields are filled with desires
All voices crying for freedom
But all in vain they will fade away
There's only you to answer you,

In blinded mind you are singing
A glorious hallelujah
The distant flutter of angels
They're all too far, too far to reach for you

I am here alone again
In my sweet serenity
Hoping you will ever find me in any place
I will call it solitude when all my songs fade in vain
In my voice, far away to eternity


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Your Nostalgic Nightmare

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Your Nostalgic Nightmare

Thanks for your patronage!~ emotion_yatta
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lol yeah! But we just got a wireless door bell with many ringtones including the sound of the school's bell in the animes XD
oh and I tried getting the invisible achievement so I posted on the chatterbox "who learns philology?" ....worked like a magic rofl

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Umm I dunno, never had one to compare to lol
but it's okay I think, I connected it with my mouse, keyboard and screen,
I use it only for watching movies cause when I watch movies with the external screen it gets stuck (probably because of the lously conventer I got from ebay XD )

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I'm not really here, it's just your imagination ninja
btw in the end I got a hp laptop, takes time to get used to it 3nodding

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Hello! first profile comment in 6 years!! rofl
Oh no its retarded

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Oh no its retarded

You're welcome biggrin
Oh no its retarded

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Oh no its retarded

cool avi
Gud Coom

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Gud Coom

Cause its bad D':