I Lovee You ! ;D

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Birthday: 01/06


Shorty Like Mine (:


A Lil Bout Me :)

Wass Good My Name
Well You Have Too Ask For It ,
Kuzz Its A Sekreet ;D
Im 17 Still Young ! >;D
Mainz : Angel Sum How He Kann Always Put A SMile On My Face Eben Though We Argue At Times D; (:
Likes: Guys , Chillin Witt People , Random Stuuf , Cookie Monster !, Friends N Lots Of Oder Stuuf xD
( Ask If You Wana Now ).
Dislikes: Fakes !, Haters , Drama , Problems , People >.>... xD Ect.
Kolorz: Blue , Black , Purple , Silver , N Gold (;
Wana Now Anytin Else Well Were Guna Have Too Talk Sowy /: xD
Wana See A Pikk Of Mee ? Well You Gotta Ask For One ;D <33
( I Dnt Use Fake Piks Is Really Me ! Dnt Believe Me Well Too Badd Ill Prove You Wrong ! D;< )
Well It Ends Here :l
See Ya (:

Me Witt Da Broders ;D <3