greetings all and welcome to my little chunk of Gaia, check your sanity at the door 'cause you wont need it here >:3

Before I begin I would like you all to know that I'm in the middle of creating two things, an online podcast talk show {PM for details} and a new MMO {again PM for info} which I desperately need help on. If you are a fellow nerdling, gamer, geek, crazy person and feel like joining in some madness for fun PM me. :3

Right then on to the meat of the issue! The names Alexander Cross though a lot of people call me Rev. I'm 22 years of age in college once again for my BS in Robotics, I already have my AA in programming and I hope to go further on all the way to my PhD. I have shoulder length brown hair but I'll soon change it to short and black with white tips. I have hunter green eyes with flecks of hazel, I'm 6'0" and blah blah I'm done with this nonsense >.>

Before we go any further I must say this, I am an Atheist so if you have a problem with that either tell me or go away. Personally I do not care what your believe, I'll befriend just about anyone whom isn't a f*cking retard no matter there theistic or non-theistic beliefs.
However, if you do challenge me on the Bible be ready for a throw down. I don't take those lightly >:3

I'm about as random and wild as they come and in my opinion just slightly scitzo. I can go from completely outside of my f*cking gourd to calm and collected in an instant. That doesn't mean however, that I'm sane in those time, I very rarely have anything to do with my mind. sometimes I'll touch it if I'm feeling lonely at night...in the dark...with some Weird Al playing softly...damn I'm so hot right now, come to me your squishy, slimy little love muffin! You know you want me baby. ;3

OH Uhh...never mind that >.>;;
Right then more about my sorry ass.
I am who I am and I'm okay with it. Far from perfect if there really is such a thing, but I am me. If you don't like it deal, I change for no one.

My holiday avvie costs a little more than I thought it would, any assistance would be greatly appreciated...No thats not good enough. WHATEVER YOU WANT IF I CAN I'LL DO IT IF YOU HELP ME!!!! ToT
User Image
Total Value: 558,573 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Roco Rochel Costume Ring
Red Oval Hairpin
Red Ball Ornament Earrings
Lovely Genie Red Belly Gem
Gro-gain 4th Gen.
Enchanted Book 9th Gen.
Enchanted Book 5th Gen.
Dander 6th Gen.
Carol of Ol' Nick 3rd gen.
Black Ops Gear
Spirited Gloves
Spirited Socks
Enchanted Book 7th Gen.
Spirited 2k6 Candy Cane
Candy Stripe Underwear
Clown Grin Makeup
Blush Clown Makeup (high)
Orange Nosey Face Tattoo
White Tribal Bottom Tattoo
White Tribal Torso Tattoo
Cap a la Gingerbread

~Note to self~
Once Christian rant if finished make an in depth guide to protecting yourself on Gaia or any site. Once finished notify the following people of it's completion
1: rosendopzion
2: Plovesh

~The meaning of life~
The property of quality manifested in functions such as metabolism, growth, response to stimulation and reproduction by which living organisms are distinguished from dead organisms or from inanimate matter.

Why is that such a hard question? o.o;


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Babbling Fool Corner

I'll be hosting a little of everything here from my Rev Raves, Art work, Stories, Web Shows and all that jazz including some shait that I'm just too brain dead to think of right now.



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Noir De Valentine -x

Report | 12/23/2008 2:10 am

Noir De Valentine -x

Aw, thank you, but me no needs your help about that anymore. I was soo silly, I didn't see it myself ! Dx I need more effective glasses! >< Anyways, do you like kittys? :3 (snuzzle, huggle, uber HUGGLES you)
i-S e x i i c u p c a k e

Report | 12/22/2008 8:34 pm

i-S e x i i c u p c a k e

crew up with tons of things ~.~

Report | 12/22/2008 1:40 pm


haha ya ^_^

Report | 12/21/2008 2:10 pm


-screams for help-


hehe ^///^

Report | 12/21/2008 12:02 pm


Mean but safe XDD

Report | 12/20/2008 7:43 pm


hehe yup!

and oh really...-goes onto other bed- ok im safe =]

Report | 12/20/2008 5:50 pm


n-no i dont thats a lie i was just sleep writing at that time XD i tink O.o

Report | 12/20/2008 2:48 pm



mhads...blarg...kardld...afternnoon or night oer..blah

Report | 12/20/2008 4:54 am


mhm i just thought about it.

anyway im off to bed im dead tired!

catch me up on progress promise?

Report | 12/20/2008 4:47 am


Random thought of the day.

I wounder how sperm whales got there name in the first place...


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