There is a place quite unbeknownst to you and me
Where the people, yes! They dine on leaves
Monkeys swing between the eaves
Colorful orbs hang from the trees
And they party on throughout the centuries!
I thought of that a while ago but finally decided to write it down :3

~ All of the a-mazing people who for some reason took the time to donate something to me ~

Kanoko's Dark Reflection - Atarashii
Kanoko's Illusions - Nayulecrise
Happy Capsule, Ace, Henri the Poodle, lots of gcash - irl friend of mine Alevas
Jellyfish Cape - GCD Bro
Pongo the Ferret - visionskate
Rose shower, Abundant Garden, Purin- san - Mavrick Hunter Zero, Thanks for the b-day and Christmas presents :3
Spartan Queen - AmplifyXtasy
Queen of Death , P. Egg, Sally R. Ducky. Sweet Mocha Dress, Bani, Brie Beret, Headless Marie, Cursed Diamond, Flight of Fancy - Awesome Anons, Thank you so much... I only wish I could thank you in a more personal way.... step foreward! Hahah
Ted & Dusky - Uze
Emerald seed - Magical vine in my backyard
Dreamers Dust - xXBigLove4127Xx , I hope you had a Merry Christmas
Sushi Master - Sai-kun, Thank you so much! I hope your holidays went well
Peter Pan - Squeakers1, You were an awesome Secret Santa.
Eggnog - GCD Elf 911
Brie Beret - "anon" Heh
Alices Card Tricks, Autumn The Steed, Bunnepidemic, Marble Bubbles, Illyncia's Honor, Funnel Kate, Vittoria's Intimates, plenty of rando gold shop items - Ihatetheguyaboveme internet friend of mine~
Spirited Scarf - Tifa Lockhart73
September Birthstone Sash - Shanra the Dragon Bard
MLP: Princess Celestia Fashion, MLP: Rarity Fashion - Shimio

Thank you so much everyone! I'm exceptionally grateful for everything

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o.o!! crying FungiMaster made me this gorgeous Art as thanks for getting over a k in my tank, Thank You!!! That was the most A-mazingly wonderful surprise! x3!!


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Report | 06/26/2018 8:58 am


I come back to this website like once every couple of months, go into towns, watch kiddies try to e-date, and then go back to whatever steam game is trending.

Report | 05/17/2018 9:01 pm


Wow, Thank you! It's not so much talent, but patience and hard work. But thanks again!
Kat M0nster

Report | 03/09/2018 10:41 am

Kat M0nster

gaia_diamond Thank you so much for your purchase! gaia_diamond

Report | 02/21/2018 8:44 pm


Thanks sweetheart! I'm doing well! Survived pneumonia. rofl I saw you on to my surprise. Hope you are well too. whee
Flynn Cocco

Report | 07/05/2017 9:16 pm

Flynn Cocco

hope you enjoy your Strong Willed Aethereal Acolyte smile
Hypnotize the Moon

Report | 01/15/2017 8:17 pm

Hypnotize the Moon

thanks for your purchase!

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aww thanks! youre too kind :>

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heya duo! how you been?

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biggrin Got your glow this time. 145k for you.

Report | 11/01/2015 3:02 pm


No problem! Happy Halloween ^w^


Atarashii, words can never express my gratitude
Loosing home on Aug. 20th. Wont be too active until and esp after that.