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Hello, my name is Jesse. I am generally an odd character. I like drawing penises. I tend to do really well in school... if I try. If I don't, I fail. Penises are fun! I especially pawn in math! Penises are fun to draw that is *shifty eyes*. I'm weird. I'm happy-go-lucky! (When I'm not off being not happy-go-lucky) and like to make people happy. If you're happy, I'm happy! Even if it means I have to put your p***s... penispenis... I can't help myself! Who am I??? I'm Jesse, and I have a p***s! *thumbs up*

What are my interests? I am interested in being happy! In fact this is my motto, "Be Happy"!!! I'm interested in art. I guess I'm sorta good... *thinks of drawings of penises* ANYWAY! Moving on! What... is my p***s size? It is small. Be quiet... size doesn't matter... it how... who am I kidding xD? What am I obsessed with? Not penises, that is for sure. I have no sort of... obsession at all for the male genitalia... that's just... no, I don't.
What does value "D" equal if: 32=(1 3)D?
32=(1 3)D
HAHAHAHAHAHA biggrin !!!

I am here now, in my house. My house is in the middle of nowhere. The middle of nowhere is surrounded by the outskirts of nowhere, which is surrounded by somewhere. Then you reach Toronto which REALLY is somewhere. There are lots of people. And no bears there, like there are here. Then around all of this is Canada. We have the US to our bottoms and the Russians on... the other side. It's like some strange sexual... thing. Except it isn't! And then Europe is to the right! And around us all is what we call planet earth. I live there! *points at earth*. I was born in a hospital in the outskirts of nowhere. I guess... that was really the most defining moment in my life... to bad I forget it... but apparently I broke my mother's collar bone! *YES!!!*

I was born on December 2nd, 1993... I was normal then... I think... but not any more... now I'm sliiiiigggghtly different than people. I wonder if I was different from the other babies... :O

Why should I continue with this when I am bored of it? Answer: I shouldn't! This is all.


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johndb Report | 09/20/2009 9:30 pm
XD That Sounds Awesome! XD Okay Then, I'll Talk TO You Tomorrow. XD
johndb Report | 09/20/2009 6:11 pm
I Have Shamed You. sad So I Thought I Could Make It Up To You By... Buying You Flowers! MAN EATING FLOWERS! biggrin

Damn Disney Screwing Up Everything! *Shakes Fist Angrily* How Dare They Make Another Mighty Ducks Movie! You Would Think That They Would Learn There Lesson From The First 3 Crappy Movies, Then The Crappy TV Show. Its A Shame. *Shakes Head In Shame* sad XD

*Eyes Widen, My Mouth Drops And I Just Stare And Point* JESSIE!!!! HOW COULD YOU!!!!! ... Be So Clumsy? biggrin *Picks Up Magazine Without Looking At It* There You Are, Now Be Careful, I Just Cleaned This Floor. biggrin

I Heard Batman Gets Drunk Before He Fights Crime. biggrin

Uh, What The... *Tries To Get Untied* What Happened? Where Are We! Jessie? Jessie! Wake Up! *Cries Loudly And Irritatingly*

Yes, That Is 100% True My Friend... But I'm Going TO Tell You A Secret About Him... Come Closer... *Whispers In Ear* Apparently Chuck Norris Can Eat Just One Lays Potato Chip... But You Didn't Get It From Me *Nods And Winks*. <<

I Heard It Goes To An Alternate Dimension And Gets Eaten By A Really Big Cat! biggrin
I Hate When Things Like That Happens, When Zombies Attack The Human Race And Theres No Time To Make A Tree Fort In Order To Survive. What Is This World Coming To? *Shakes Head*

How Can It Possible Be Bad? biggrin XD

I Know What You Mean! I Use To Have Nightmare's All The Time. XD
That Mask Was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

You Mean That You've Never Done It With A Gorilla! You Don't Know What Your Missing! biggrin XD
Sporadic? A Word? Hmm... I Think It Mean, "A Flying Dead Cat" *Nods*.

Well What If The Cat And Zombies Join An Alliance And Help To Destroy Your Town? O.O *GASP!*

Umm... Hey, Stay With Me Here. *Shakes*

XD I See That, You Know Thats A Talent. I Wish I Could Do That, But I Can Constantly Talk... So Its Balanced In Some Way. XD

Then That Friend Of Yours Has No Idea The Joy About Being Killed By Elderly People. XD

OMG!!! I'll Save You Jessie! *Gets Axe And Cuts Horses Stomach Open* Jessie! Take My Hand! I'll Pull You Out! *Sticks Hand Inside Horses Stomach*

XD Stupid Fish! To Bad They Don't Make Good Fish Sticks. *Shakes Head* XD
LOL! Lucky. XD I Can't Wait For Three Days Grace's New Album On Tuesday! Its GOing TO Be Awesome!
XD SAME HERE! I Love Sonic The Hedgehog 2! Its My Favorite SOnic Game! XD

>> Heres My Chance! *Jumps Out Window* XD

I'm Still Not At 10,000 Yet. lol!
johndb Report | 08/26/2009 11:09 pm
I'm Sorry To *Puts Head Down In Shame* sad

THATS AN AWESOME IDEA!! No One Ever Made A Comedy Zombie Show! You Should Write It, And Sell It To Fox! Fox Will By Anything! XD

Is That True Jesse *Sniff* Are You Still My Innocent Little Guy? *Tears Of Joy Falls Down My Cheek*

I Don't know, What If It Did? That Would Be Awesome! Its Like As If Superman Took Steroids To Become Superman! XD

Oh My God! Jesse Is In Trouble!*Goes Down To The Pier* Hey! STOP YOU FIENDS!
Salesman: Fiend? Is That What We Are? DEAR GOD YOUR RIGHT! What Have We Become... I'm So So Sorry, Here, Take Your Friend, And Have These Cookies For The Trouble We Caused You.
Me: Shhhhhh... You Had Me At Cookies.
*Hugs Salesman*
Me: Jesse, Wake Up!

He Is A Very Bad Actor, But He Fights Like An Angel! XD

Yes I Can! I'm Just That Awesome!
A Tree Fort Would Be Perfect! How Could They Get Up! They Can't Climb! Thats Genius! biggrin

LOL!!! OMG! THATS AWESOME!!! XD I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT!! XD I Swear They Should Put Hidden Cameras Inside Mental Institutions And Make A T.V Show Based On That! XD IT WOULD BE SO FUNNY! XD

Totally Do That! I Would Love To See That Mask! XD

Well I Would Stare In Awe... But If I Had To Go To The Washroom I Would Go There... Because I Would Feel Safe. *Nods* XD
LOL!!! It Sounds Like A Perfect Idea For A Porno! It Will Begin With You Running To Her House, Then You Kick Down The Door And Your All Sweaty, Then Out Of Now Where You Will Be Holding A Pizza, And Then You Will Say "Wheres The Leak Ma'am?" Then You Will Somehow Have Replaced The Pizza With A Wrench, Then She Will Come Out Of Now Where... Then A Big Huge Gorilla Will Be There Too... And Then Thats When It Gets All Dirty. I Love That Idea! biggrin It Would Be Called "The Pizza Handyman: Gorilla And Chick"! *Nods* I Love It! XD
*Tears Of Joy* It Was Beautiful! crying

You Should Collect A Bunch Of Kittens, Then Train Them All How To Fight Each Other! That Would Be Awesome! XD

Holy Crap! Shouldn't We Take You To A Hospital?

It Would Be Much Easier! You Should Suggest That!

LOL!!! Killed By Elderly People... Now Thats The Way To Go. XD

Now Horse, That Wasn't Very Nice, Apologize To Him!
Horse: NAY! He Can Go **** Himself!

HURRAY!!! My Cuttle Fish Gave Me Cuttle Phones Which Are Headphones Because I Starved Him To Death! biggrin

LOL! My Mom Never Buys Me Anything, Maybe Its Because I Don't Live With Her. XD
Thats A Nice Obsession! Sadly I Don't Have !!!SONIC!!! One. XD

I've Loved Music My Entire Life, Except For Yesterday... I'm Not Making It UP!!!! <_< >_>
johndb Report | 08/26/2009 8:09 pm
HOLY CRAP!!! I Didn't Even Know! Dude I'm Sorry!
It Is A Work Of Art! Its Like The Scream Hanging ON The Leaning Tower Of Pisa! biggrin
johndb Report | 08/17/2009 4:12 pm
Yeah Sorry It Takes So Long For Me. XD

Tell Me About The Zombie Show Again! I May Or May Not Have Forgotten. XD

Jesse... We Know What You Did. How Could You Hide That Puzzle In There. *Starts Crying* I Thought You Were A Good Boy.

Yeah He Did Smoke Opium... But Many People Did Back Then. Even Though He Isn't Real. XD

Those Bastards Will Pay With There Blood! *Puts On Jesse Mask* Okay! Lets Go!

I Believe I Have That Power... Chuck Norris Told Me In A Dream. biggrin

That Would Be!!!! It Would Be So Fun Talking To Insane People! XD

LOL!!! So Did The Kids Like The Mask? XD

Yeah, They Should Build You A Statue Saying "The Kid With The Horn"! Then When People Drive By They Will Wonder... "WHO THE HELL IS THAT?" XD
Yeah, I Live TO Far From My Friends As Well So I Know What Your Talking About. It Sucks.
Your Right! We Should Teach The World To Be More Poetic When They Talk About Eating A Live Baby Monkeys Heart! *Nods*

How Dare She!!! What A Shame. XD

I Don't Remember A Party... I Just Remember You Just Beating Up Pregnant Ladies And Babies In Strollers. But That Was Awesome! biggrin

Its The Best Secret Story Ever! biggrin


OH GOD NO!!!! HORSEY! SPIT OUT HIS HAND NOW!!!!! *Spits Out Hand* Now Say Sorry To Jesse!
Horse: Sorry Jesse... NAY!

LOL!!! Yeah... Damn Real Life Fishes! *Shakes Fist*

I Would Buy CD's... If I Had Money. XD
johndb Report | 08/17/2009 2:18 pm
LOL!!!! Yeah! I'm Actually Working On The Comment To Send To You, Plus I Have Other Zombies Wanting Attention! XD
And I Love The Sound Of That... Friendly Neighborhood Jesse. XD
johndb Report | 08/11/2009 11:12 pm
LOL!!!!!! Social? Me? Nah? Stop Being So Silly! biggrin (XD)

Well While He's Gone Lets See What This Magazine Was... OMG!!!! ARTICLES!!!! HURRAY!
Yes... Indeed You Must. *Smokes Pipe* Do You Want A Pipe For Yourself? biggrin

(That Would be Awesome! Thanks! ^_^)
Did You Just Say... Cookies?
*Knocks On Your Door*
Okay! Cookies! I Mean I'm Here! biggrin

DEAR GOD!!!!! NORMAL!!! Stops Saying These Things Jesse! You Can't Be Normal!!! If You Were Normal, What Would Become Of This World!
He Sounds... Nice... O_O
XD The Kids Were Afraid Of You Mask? XD The Nerve Of Them! XD

LOL!!!!! DAMN! That Would Be Awesome Living In A Small Town! XD
You Spoke It Like A True Poet... You've Brought Tears To My Eyes. crying

Let Me See *Looks A Picture Of Your Cat* IT DOES!!!!! AMAZING!! biggrin

*Wakes Up Tied To Chair With Tape On My Nipples* DAMMIT! Why Does This Always Happens!

Yes, The World Is Called "Stop Being A Lazy a** A Write The Damn Story" World! biggrin
LOL!!! That Is A Predicament. XD

LOL!!!! A Perfect Book For A Kid In The 6th Grade! =D
Beautiful! *Cries Tears Of Joy* You Look Amazing
Good Horse... You Trained These Horses Well. =D
LOL!!! Yeah They Do! XD

REALLY! AWESOME!!! I Can't Wait To Download... BUY THAT! XD
johndb Report | 08/09/2009 12:21 pm
I Must Have Pressed Preview Or Something! XD

Hey... Can I See That Magazine That Your Tried To Hid From Me.
One Day It WIll Happen! And I Totally Agree About The Book Idea! It WOuld Be Perfect! And People Would Be So Amazed At Our Awesomeness That We Will Rule The World! biggrin

(Okay... I Just Have to Say That What You Wrote Here Was Probably One Of The Most Funniest Things I Have Ever Read! XD You Should Make That Into A Story!!! Seriously Dude That Was AWESOME!!!!!!!)
"Hey Jesses... Yeah Joe Is Here! He Wants Me To Tell You, Crap I Forgot, Just One Sec... Okay I'm Back, Sorry About That, He Wanted Me To Tell You To... Go To The Pier. So Whats New? biggrin "

LOL!!! I KNOW! It Would Only Be Fun If You Know Someone Is Watching You Do It! XD
He Sounds Like A Great Teacher! biggrin And Whats Those Kids Problem! RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU!!!! HOW DARE THEY!
And I Will Get On Robbing Presto! biggrin And How Dare Your Father Say That! *Takes Out Machete* We Have To.... Get Rid Of... This Machete! XD
Oh Yeah Thats What I Meant, Now I Feel Stupid. Yes Baby Monkey Meat Is Incredible! Especially If They Were Recently Alive! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

*Puts Homeless Guys Head On Your Body*
Okay! Finished! How Do You Like It? biggrin

*Cries* This Is The Greatest Day Of My Life!
Police: We Brought You Magical Flying Unicorns Young Masters. biggrin

LOL!!! Yeah, My Stories Never Really Leave My Mind Either... They Live There. :O
Okay! Awesome! And They Same Goes For You! biggrin

LOL!!!! You Read That Book In Grade 6! XD HOLY CRAP! XD

HAHAHAH! Stop It! It Tickles! HAHAHAHA!! Silly Horse Licking My Feet! Okay, Now Lets Get Painted! biggrin
*Takes Paint Brush And Paints Myself Black*
How Do I Look? biggrin
Fishes Need Food? Really? XD

AWESOME!!! NOT ONLY DOES THE USED MAKE KICK a** SONGS... the Lead Singer Kills *****! He's My Hero! biggrin
johndb Report | 08/08/2009 4:36 pm
What The? I'm Sorry I Thought I Sent It The Reply... Hmm... Damn YOU GAIA! *Shakes Fist*

You May Have Been Able To See Me On MSN... But I Can See You In Person! :O
Yeah Same Here, I Agree 100.8% XD And Yeah Our Comments Are Huge!!!!!! XD

Not Only Is That Amazing... I've Already Mad That Robot... I Call Him Joe! biggrin

That Would Be Awesome!!! We Could Walking In With A Huge Container Of Syrup, The Just Pour It On Our Pizza! And We Could Walk Around Asking Other People If They Want Syrup! XD But Honestly... It Does Sound Pretty Good. XD
Hey... You Sure Can Make That Child Molester Face Really Well. Where Did You Learn How To Do That? biggrin
Yeah They Do! But Your Right About The Money, What We Should Do Is Every Month, We Should Rob Our Favorite Pizza Place. Then They Wont Have Enough Money To Expand! biggrin
Well... If Pizza Pizza Has A Monkey Meat Topping then It Would Be The Best! Mmmmmmmmmm Monkey! razz

Oh... A Homeless Man You Say... Just One Sec.
*Three Minutes Later*
Okay, I Have 5 Homeless Peoples Head... Now You Can Decide Which One You Like More! XD

Okay... But Use This Link For Good Of Humanity........ And Entertainment! biggrin

*thumbs Up* Hey, Police Man... Can We Have A Big Celebration In Honer Of The New World Leaders... I MEAN NEW WORLD HEROES... *Cough*
Everybody: HURRAY!!!!!!!

It Sounds Pretty Awesome! If You Ever Finish It... Send ME A LINK! ^_^
I Know, I Would Have Probably Written 15 Books By Now! biggrin (Yeah The Movie "IT" Was Cheesy, But The Book Is Incredible! LOL!! XD)

Wait!!! PAINT!!! I LOVE IT!!! What If We Paint A Bunch Of Old People A Bunch Of Colors, And Babies! Then We Train The Horses With Goggles To Eat The Multicolored People! biggrin

Yes... Pretty Fishies... biggrin
johndb Report | 08/05/2009 9:29 am
Hmm... That Child Molester Face Looks Exactly Like... A CHILD MOLESTER! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn You Spam Bots Of Doom! *Shakes Fist* XD

You Know... Maple Syrup Pizza Doesn't Sound Bad. I Bet It Would Taste Good. XD (Make Sure Your Teacher Doesn't Rape Canada! XD)
Your Right! Small Pizza Places Do Make The Best Pizza!
I've Never Been To Pizza Pizza, Because They Don't Have Them Here In Winnipeg Yet, We Were Suppose To Be Getting Them This Summer, But It Never Happened. lol!

NO!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!! YOU FORGOT YOU HAMMER!!!! *Gives You Hammer* Now Have Fun! biggrin

LOL!!! I DO TO!!! Have You Ever Seen The One Where That Guy Was Disturbing The Young Couple? XD I Could Give You A Link To Watch It On Youtube If You Want? XD

AHHH!!! HOLY HELL!!! JESSE! ARE YOU ALL RIGHT! Huh? None Of The Bullets Hit You... *Turns Around*
Police: I Had To... She Was Going To Leave With The Spawn Of Satan! We Had To Stop Her! Thank You Boys For Slowing Her Down So We Could Save The World! The World Is In Your Debt!

I Know, But I Try Writing Short Stories... But Then I Always Expand On The Story, Then It Gets Longer... Then I Don't Finish It! AGH!!!! XD

Yes... And The Only Way To Do That Is........... To Make All Horses Wear Goggles! biggrin

No Dude, Its Fine. Like What If You Come Back To Gaia? Then You Wouldn't Have Barely Anything.



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