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The Hopeless Optimist on 09/14/2020
Catastoic on 09/08/2019

A Disturbed Masterpiece

Call me Dissy; otherwise NOTHING FOR YOU. Unfortunately, it appears as though you've had some sort of computer related error: you've ended up on my profile. To be perfectly honest, I don't do well with the whole social thing so I tend to keep to my self. Anime/Manga include D-Gray Man, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Naruto, SNK, SAO, FMA,; with the little that I know on each of these, I can get by in RPs of these natures quite well, so if you're recruiting drop me a description of the guild and I'll get back to you. Otherwise, I'm a literate RPer, with 6+ years of experience on here from the ashes of many other names. Otherwise, my hobbies are drawing, swordplay/combat stuff, being a friend, meditation, videogames, tumblr, aaaand yeah. I think that's enough for now. Message me if you want to know more with the forewarned knowledge.

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