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This is all gonna be random crap.....

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I'm not Dead!!! lol

Yo, people. I'm DudettRin101, but you can call me Rin. I'm 25 years old and I live in SC, USA. I like Anime and books and a bunch of other stuff that I don't feel like typing out....I'm only editing this so I can get my achievement lol


Yo!! Welcome to my store. Please, Buy Things, I need the gold. I'm really cheap compared to some people out there!!!


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CentennialSoleil Report | 01/08/2013 8:04 pm
Thank you for your purchase, enjoy! mrgreen
Cobalt Spade Report | 09/26/2011 9:29 am
That's a little too late. Emphasis on too late. I don't know if I have the patience to work a register. I hate handling people's money, too much of a hassle. xP
Cobalt Spade Report | 09/26/2011 8:30 am
Negotiation, nice. You must have hated that register lol. At least you got the position you wanted.
Cobalt Spade Report | 09/25/2011 12:52 pm
Yesh :# Nerdllectibles assemble. So what's up with you?
Cobalt Spade Report | 09/25/2011 11:36 am
I luss being a nerd lol. It's fun and intellectual.
Cobalt Spade Report | 09/25/2011 9:05 am
I think so, but I feel like a real nerd for saying that xD Even though I pretty much am one. Ah well.
Cobalt Spade Report | 09/24/2011 8:57 am
They found one, the scientists believed there wasn't one in existence, but I guess they were wrong. I think it's pretty awesome.
Cobalt Spade Report | 09/16/2011 9:52 am
I'm sure you will lol. Hey have you heard about the planet with two suns? surprised
Cobalt Spade Report | 09/07/2011 9:24 am
Well, you haven't missed much with a few of them, but you'd still probably want to watch them. The manga from Naruto is pretty good though.
Cobalt Spade Report | 09/02/2011 12:48 pm
Oh, well that sucks. I don't wanna be the nosy guy digging around in places he shouldn't be. So I'll drop that one. Still holding off on the Japanese Naruto Episodes? lol


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