Hello. I'm Tanner. This is my profile. You're reading words. Good for you. Thanks for visiting. I have a love/hate relationship with is website. It seems like it downgrades as time goes on, but I've met some awesome people on here. People I love and care for. So it's not all bad. Well if you want to know something about me all you have to do is ask. Enjoy the following poem by one of my bestest buddies Chashole. I love her biggrin

from Chasity.ZiggyZombette<3
if you were standing right in front of me I'd,

Take your hand we'd go on the roof top and watch the stars.

And joke like we do on meebo for hours and hours.
we'd talk about boobs,obama

Nothing that makes much sense but is enough to make us best friends your the

Nuttiest nut I've found in a while but you are the coolest

Even when you call me a Derp

Remember when we meet I'm gonna kick you in the a**
its gonna hurt

but in all seriousness I love you to death your like the brother I never had I'm sure you wanna choke me at times cuz I'm such a b***h but you don't and thats why you are my best friend I hope we can meet but don't make fun of how short I am I'll bring you a candy cane straight off my tree cuz I only give cheap gifts good night sir I love you.