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Name: Chuu
Race: Demon
Technique: Suiken or Drunken Fists
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue
After Hiei incinerates Zeru who was thought to be the leader of Team Rokuyukai, Chuu stumbles out and claims that he is the true leader of the team and simply lost a match to Rock Paper Scissors. Chuu can gain power through drinking alcohol and it effects his body differently then normal becoming a fuel to his spirit energy. Fighters will become distracted by Chuu's irregular movements when he slips into a good buzzed state. When fighting Yusuke they first used up all their spirit energy and then Chuu proposes a knife edge death match. They start duking it out the old fashioned way putting their lives on the line agreeing who ever loses, dies. With a final headbutt Yusuke is the victor and Chuu asks him to finish the job and kill him. Yusuke declines and offers they may fight again sometime. Chuu grows a respect for him and later trains under Genkai for Yomi's army. When Yusuke sponsors a tournament so the demon world can avoid a three way war Chuu of course wanted to have another match with Yusuke and joins. Early in the tournament Chuu realizes the odds are against him and asks a stronger demon girl out, Natsume. He ends up giving up but still supports his friends through the fights.